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We are glad as you have decided to write for us. If you want to increase your network by making new friends, readers and fans then learningiseasynow.com is the best place for you to do that.

At “learning is easy now” we share relevant information that benefits our precious readers.

As the name suggest, here at “learning is easy now” we educate our readers on how to get something done.

So our ultimate aims is to make this weblog as one of the remarkable information portal for writers and readers. Everyone is very important here.

Benefits of you write for us

This are few benefits you can get while writing for us.

  • It expand your network, as we do links back to your site for our readers to Know you more on your website or social media pages.
  • We provide you two dofollow links, one in the content another in the author Bio.
  • We promote your contents on all our social media handle.
  • We would follow all your social media handles.
  • It would boost your SEO and many more others benefits.

Type of contents we welcome

As you have decide to write for us, here’re type of contents we accept.

1. How to

Eg. How to start a profitable blog

2. A case study or interview

3. List article

Eg. 88 ways to make money online

4. What is article

Eg. What is business

5. Step by step guide

Eg. Step by step guide to email marketing

That are types of articles we do accept and here are their categories below:

Articles categories

1. Business tips

2. Make money online

3. Computer tips

4. Marketing tips

5. motivation and

6. Definitions

If your article didn’t fall into any of these categories don’t send it, we wouldn’t publish it. If you’re expert in any of the categories above, don’t hesitate to send your contents as many as you can.

We welcome creative and informative contents from all writers that are willing to be part of this great community.

Content requirements

  • Content must be 800 words above (Recommend 1000 words or more)
  • Eye catching healdline (title)
  • Articles must contain H2, H3…..(subtitles)
  • Images/infographics or video (option)
  • Content must be written in good English
  • Your article must belong to one of the categories listed above

Content Guidelines

➡Content must not be publish on any other website including your own website

➡ We have all the right to edit and reformat your article to match our content structure.

➡ When you’re creating article(s) for us, put yourself in the readers shoe, that’s the only way you can create good content that guarantee publish.

➡ Focus keyword(s) must appear at the first paragraph of the article

➡ Focus keyword must appear 8-10 times in the content

➡ Focus keyword must appear in the title of the article

➡ The focus keyword must have monthly search volume of 1000 above at the same time less competitive and we only published well written articles.

All guest writers should send their Bio info and links with their article.

Why your article may not be publish?

Here’re few reasons why your article may not be publish.

  1. Failure to abide by the guidelines above
  2. We didn’t publish any article that is less than 600words
  3. We didn’t publish promotional article or article that review your business or client owns
  4. We didn’t publish less informative contents because our aims is to make this website as the most remarkable informative and educative portal for our readers.

Publish time

We edit all contents we received from our writers, so the publish time is from 4 hours to one week after we have received your article.

How to send your article

You can send your article to learningiseasynow@gmail.com and don’t forget to check our previous posts so that you can get an idea of what to write for us