As an online marketer or entrepreneur, sometimes, you have enough funds to use for online trading. You can use these funds easily to invest in the stock market.

Some online marketers and entrepreneurs will also look for different opportunities for investments.

Most of the people find it easy to invest funds in the stock market.

Its reason is that the stock market is the best place to make use of the extra money.

Another problem is that most of the people don’t know where to start the investment process.

While investing in the stock market, they also require complete guidance about the investments.

If they want to use online trading with complete guidance, they should use online trading apps.

Here, we will discuss the top 7 apps that you can use for online trading.

7 Online trading apps you can use for online trading now

1. Ameritrade

TD Ameritrade

If you are looking for an excellent pricing app for online trading, TD Ameritrade is the best choice for you.

The beginners and casual stock traders can easily use this app.

By using this app, you can easily manage your investments on the go.

If you are an advanced and expert trader, it is also the best choice for you.

Its reason is that it is providing the professional style experience to the traders.

There is no minimum requirement of the deposit on this app.

For the online stock and ETF trades, you will have to pay $0 commission.

Anyhow, if you make a contract on this app, you will have to pay a 65 cent flat fee.

For the broker-assisted trades, you will have to pay $25 as a fee. For the no-load mutual funds, you will have to pay $49.99 as a fee.

2. Webull

Webull trading app

It is a technology-centric app that you can also use for online trading.

If you want to use this online trading app, you should have some experience in online trading.

It is offering tons of features to the users.

For the advanced quote data, the active and advanced traders can enjoy its charting and add on options.

When expert traders know its advanced features, they expect that it will have an advanced price tag. When they use it, they know that it is almost free for the users.

If you want to make trades on this app, you don’t need to pay any commission.

For the wire transfers on this app, you will have to pay $8 to $45.

3. XTrade


It is also one of the most important trading apps that you can use for online trading.

Most of the traders like to use this app because it is offering an efficient and convenient trading interface to them.

The traders can see various stock offers on this app.

If they are compelled with specific stock offers, they can easily buy these stocks from their mobiles.

While buying these stocks, they can make payments from their debit cards or credit cards.

While making transactions on this app, you don’t need to pay an additional fee to the XTrade.

It means that the consumers just need to pay for the investments.

Before using this app, you should use its free trial.

In its free trial, you will get complete information about the investments.

4. Acorns

Acorns app

As an investor, if you want to build up your portfolio by making small investments, it is the best app to you.

You can create various kinds of accounts on this app.

After creating these accounts, you will have to pay $1 to $6 as a monthly fee based on the nature of your accounts.

After creating an account on this account, you can easily link it with your bank account.

It is also the best app that you can use to make reviews of your spending.

By using this app, you can easily grow your investments with smaller amounts of money.

While using this app, your account should have at least $5 balance.

5. TradeStation

TradeStation app

Recommended by a dissertation help firm, the developers of this app have developed this app by keeping in mind two types of investors.

First, they have kept in mind the full-time investors. Secondly, they have kept in mind the part-time traders.

No doubt, both types of investors are looking for ways to grow their wealth.

That’s why TradeStation is providing the best trading options to the traders.

In these trading options, there come stocks, mutual funds and ETFs etc.

This is also the best app for experienced investors.

Its reason is that this app is providing in-depth analytical tools to the users.

It is also the best tool that you can use for real-time market monitoring.

If you will use its TS GO package, you will have to pay $0.

On the other hand, if you want to use its TS SELECT package, you will have to pay $2,000.

6. Stash

Stash app

If you want to make small investments up to $5, it is the best trading app to you.

By using this app, you can also customize your investments.

While customizing these apps, you should keep in mind your personal goals.

You should also consider about the companies in which you are investing.

On this app, you will also find lots of articles.

By reading these articles, you will know how to become smart investors.

You can easily use this trading app on your IOS and android devices.

While using this trading app, you will have to pay $1/month fee.

Moreover, if you have more than $5,000 in your account, you will have to pay 0.25 per cent annual fee.

7. Stockpile

Most of the newbie stock traders like to invest in global companies. In these global companies, there come Amazon and Apple.

Now, the problem is that the cost of the individual shares of these global companies is up to $1,000. Lots of newbie investors don’t have enough funds.

The most important benefit of this app is that it is offering fractional shares of the top brands.

By using this app, you can share customized amounts in the top brands instead of paying for the complete share.

For example, if you want to buy the share of Alphabet Inc, you don’t need to pay $1,000.

It means that you can easily buy it just within $100.

While using this app, you will have to pay 99 cents per transaction.

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