It is pretty difficult to identify profitable business ideas these days and many thought, no new business ideas or opportunities anymore, that’s totally not true, they are but to identify the right one that is a problem.

So, in this article, you would discover several profitable business ideas that you can start with little to no capital.

The good part of these profitable business ideas is that you can run them from any part of the nation without many hassles.

So below are 50+ business ideas you can start and make high profits you yen for.

Note; This list of business ideas are categorized into two; offline and online business ideas.

So let’s begin with offline business ideas first and later online ideas.

50 Offline high profitable business ideas you can start now

1. Foodstuff supply service:

Foodstuff supply service

With the rapid population growth in the world, foodstuff supply business is my #1 in the list because every human being that exists must eat food and not majorities of people that eat that are farmers.

That makes the food-related business a hot cake.

No any part of the world that you sell foodstuff or supply it that it wouldn’t sell.

Foodstuff supply business is a high profitable business opportunity that has no room to fail entrepreneurs.

During when I was in the village, Mrs Deborah is one of the richest women in our community all because of her foodstuff supply business.

2. Start a food delivery service

Food delivery service

A food business is one of the most lucrative businesses you can venture into a city like Lagos or any major cities and towns in the world.

90% of Lagos populations are working-class people and with the traffic situation in Lagos residence barely have time for them.

Many works in a city like Lagos these days make people not to have time for themselves, they will rushing to work as early as 5:00 am to surmount traffic barrier and coming back as late as 11:00 am at night due to the heavy traffic.

Such people find it difficult to cook their meals themselves and they have to eat.

This is where you’re in, as a smart entrepreneur; you will help them eliminate this problem by starting a food delivery service.

And create a website where they can place an order easily without any hassle. You can contact me here for your website.

3. Start a home cleaning service

home cleaning service

All most everyone loves a clean home and environment but because of the busy lives these days, there is not much time for people to thoroughly clean their homes as they admired their home to look like.

That’s why it becomes one of the hot business ideas for a smart investor like you.

The good part of this business idea is that it doesn’t require any money to get started, all you have to do is to hunt for clients you are done.

Except you want to open a cleaning service company like Tekno cleaning or Samifield that’s when you need money to get started.

4. Fish farming

fish farming business

Fish farming is one of the best profitable business ideas in Nigeria and some part of the world.

If you think agriculture is only for old people, it’s not.

If you believe fish farming is only meant for the rich, it’s a type of business that suits any agriculture entrepreneurs, no matter of your gender.

It’s one of the lucrative business ideas in Nigeria right now.

A single catfish can be sold for at least NGN1,000 – NGN5,000,  it also depends on the size of the fish.

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Assuming you have 7,000 catfishes that can be sold for NGN2,000 each which means 7,000×2000 equal to NGN14,000,000 cash.

The good part of fish farming is that you have little marketing effort to make, it sells itself.

So all you have to do to start fish farming is to acquire all the necessary equipment and the fishes you can get started with.

5. Home laundry services:

laundry services

Image by StockSnap from Pixabay

Home laundry services is a lucrative business opportunity now, 85% of office workers have no time to wash their clothes themselves but they have to look good and gorgeous.

So as they can’t wash their clothes themselves they have to find someone who can wash for them in exchange for money.

You can start home laundry services business at zero cost, what you need to do is to reach out to people around you that might need your services.

When your business grows to some set level, then you can enlarge it to proper laundry services company and by this time you can set up a website so that you can reach more people beyond your area.

6. Start maid/errand services:

With the use of under-aged children as house helper becoming serious frowned upon by law, a creative entrepreneur has discovered a way to create a solution to the problem and make a profit from it too.

The aims of this type of organization are to employ adults who are at least 18 years old and above to help people with their house duties and errands.

7. Start a mobile hair salon

mobile hair salon

The traffic and the struggle of moving from one place to another in most busy cities nowadays can very be discouraging for people who need to visit the salon to get their hair done.

You could set up a mobile hair salon that will be fully equipped with all the needed tools for such services, then go around providing these services to people who would need to get their hair done in the comfort of their homes.

8. Backyard poultry raising

Backyard poultry raising

If you have enough land or empty space in your home then, this business is for you.

This business idea is meant for startup or people who are looking for side hustles business to earn money along with their job.

The good part of backyard poultry raising is that it doesn’t require enough capital. You can get started with a little capital of your disposal.

9. Start meat and vegetable delivery services

meat and vegetables

Meat and vegetable are foods that every human being needs to live balanced diet health.

So you can start a door-to-door delivery service, which will earn you a lot of money.

With these services, you can make it easier for people to access fresh fruits, meats, and vegetables.

Many people now understand the merit of eating fruits, making their own natural fruit juice and smoothies instead of carbonated or sugar package drinks.

You can start selling fruits with fruit basket delivery services that allow people access to fresh fruits easily, and at cheaper rates.

You can create a website where they can place an order easily.

If you need a website don’t hesitate to contact TRIPLE INTERNET here ASAP.

10. Organizing labour squad

labour squads

Organizing labor squad is one of the high profitable business ideas you can start with zero cost.

You can do this business by hunting for contracts or supplying those that need labourers or workers.

The best part of this business it that, it cost you no money to get started.

All you have to do is to reach out to employers, contractors and job seekers (laborers).

When your people get hired, you earned either by service charge from the employer or commission from the labourer.

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Many Events is happening today, ranging from parties crusade, seminars, wedding, shows and more; the attendees need to sit, and cover because of sun or rain, eats or entertained and most organizers of these events doesn’t have these tools and they need to rent to meet up the needs of the attendees.

That is why you come in as a smart entrepreneur to helps them solve this problem.

You can acquire chairs, canopies, cutleries etc. and let the public known (marketing) that you are in town.



There are many people who own dogs as pets in major city and town in Nigeria but there are no pet boarding facilities.

People who need to travel usually need a place to keep their pets until they returned, so that they don’t starve and can be well monitored.

You can set up a place like this and earn your money right away.


The restaurant business is one of the lucrative business ideals in the world and it’s also one of the popular business been done all over the world.

It’s a type of business that doesn’t fail the owner if it is managed properly and well.

If you want of venter into this business, you need to consider the location and what type of foods and drinks that sell in that particular area, in order to avoid lack of patronizes.

If you are eager to maximize the best out restaurant business, you need to make it professional, provide quality service and high customer service needed to implement.

So, as people are getting busy than before to cook their meal themselves is become a challenge and you can help them solve this problem by opening a restaurant.


There are many people suffering from drugs, masturbation and alcohol addiction out there, with no ideal on how to quite it.

In developed countries, there are many such counselling centres where people can get help and recovery from any addition impediment but there hardly get any such help centres in Nigeria and other, underdeveloped countries.

You can set up one and become a helper to many.


It is very necessary to cultivating a saving habit but many found it difficult.

So, you can set up a piggybacking service with a mobile application or a website that allows people to save money remotely and get it after a short while, preferable with interests.

You can also introduce some kind of penalty for early withdrawal as a way of enforcing saving discipline.


Event management service becomes one of the profitable business ideas these days.

Event management is the process of helping event organizer to manage and organizing their event for them. Starting from an arrangement of foods, drinks, the material needed, and how the event will become successful.

People have a lot of challenges putting those things listed above in place, so you can set up event management or organization and make money from it.

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If you know how to cut hair very well and you have money to acquire the necessary tools to start a barbing salon, then what’s holding you?

It’s a lucrative business you can get started right now.

Everyone these days want to look good and handsome (whether old or young) that make the barbing salon a hot business idea.

Assuming you have a standard barbing salon located in lekki phase 1, Lagos.

Their normal roll cut-price start at #1,500.

Assuming you have 20 customers in a day, which means #1,500× 20 people, automatically you have made #30,000 that day.

So, if you have what it takes to set up a barbing salon why waiting?


meat and vegetables

Almost everybody heading to the market to purchase meat every day and almost everybody isn’t happy to eat food without meats.

That made it one of the most selling stuff you can start selling immediately.

You can set up a place where you can buy life cows, goats, turkeys, chickens etc and kill them, butcher them and distributor them to those who sell to final consumers or sell directly to the final consumers yourself.

So a meat business is a business you can start today at a very affordable capital.

19. Start photography services:

The Photography service business is a gainful business opportunity because most people need real photos, not selfies.

Many thoughts that the improvement of phone camera has decreased the photographer opportunity but it’s still have a high profits volume.

So many events such as marriages, weddings, parties, crusades and many other occasions are happening on daily basis and they need a photographer to capture the event.

That is not all, you can sell your pictures/images online to bloggers, online publications or you can uploads them to online images marketplace like;

They are all good marketplace for photos/images or create your website/blog and use it to sell your pictures.

If you need a web designer, don’t hesitate to contact me here.

I can create your website for you at an affordable price.

20. Start A Homeschooling Business

Over the past few years, young school children have become the target for kidnappers in areas like North East and North-West Nigeria.

Even covid-19 has made school more uncomfortable for children. How ever, parents can not stop taking their children to school because education is important but many parents would gladly embrace the idea of homeschooling their kids.

Where they can be well monitor, protected and taught on a personal level. You can create a homeschooling service with a network of teachers who can teach students remotely via the Internet or visit their homes to provide one-on-one teaching services.

21. Operate a coffee shop/café

The coffee business is one of the hot business ideas in the western world but a place like Africa is an untapped business opportunity.

So this is not really strange but there are very few such centres in Nigeria.

If you’re a Nigeria or live in Nigeria here’s an opportunity.

You can set up a coffee shop where people can come and hang out or even work during the day.

22. Car washing centre

This has no explanation before you will know that a car washing business is a great business idea in Nigeria.

With the fast increment of cars these days.

Car washing business is a hot business opportunity you can get started right now.

Everyone want to own their own car and the majority of these people don’t have time to wash their cars.

So they need someone to help them do so.

You can set up a professional car washing centre to help them solve the problem and make profits from it too.

23. Shoes Making and supply business

Nearly everyone on earth right now wears shoes. We’re in the modern world. It’s uneasy to go out with just bare feet.

Footwear is must-have for every human being nowadays.

Everyone wants to showcase their class or styles and they need someone like you to help them to fulfil their desires.

It’s not necessarily to be a shoemaker before you can start a shoe factory neither to become a supplier.

But if you do, it’s additional benefits.

If you want to start a shoe factory, all you have to do is to acquire the necessary equipment and hires expert shoe makes, you’re done.

And to become a supplier is pretty easy.

You just have to apply as a distributor in a shoemaking factory or purchase shoes in large quantities from market and supply to those that sell to the final users.

24. Toothpicks making

Toothpicks making may sound somehow to you but it shouldn’t suppose to be because everyone are upgraded now.

It’s not like before that people use fingers nails or broom to pick things from their teeth.

All most all homes, hotels, bars, restaurants, and other food vendors can’t do without toothpicks.

That makes it a good business idea for any serious entrepreneurs that eager to start a profitable business.

You can set up toothpicks factory and supply your products to hotels, eateries, restaurants, bars etc.

25. Operating GSM shop (selling top-up cards and phones accessories.

Mobile phone becomes one of the most trending stuff today, everyone strives to own one or more, that makes it one of the most selling products you can start selling now.

Many are searching for the right phone to buy or its accessories, selling of mobile phone and it is the hottest business opportunity in Nigeria.

You could also add phone repair services to it for more earnings.

26. Growing pepper in dry seasons

If you’re in Lagos and looking for agro-business to venture in this is for you.

Pepper is one of the most buying goods in Lagos. Majority of people who dwell in this great city are pepper addicted.

The love peppering foods more than anything in this life.

So producing fresh pepper in dry seasons would be a great business that will actually makes you profits.

You can set up pepper growing but during dry seasons and making your cool profits.

27. Growing vegetables in dry seasons

Growing of vegetables in dry seasons is the same idea with the pepper growing above.

But what makes this one special is that almost everybody is after fresh vegetables.

They have known the benefits of eating fresh vegetables.

Farming vegetables is one of the best agro-business or season business you will ever think of.

28. Packing and moving services

Most people in Lagos have to struggle with packing, unpacking and arranging their stuff when moving from one location to another.

You can set up a business that would deal in providing packing and moving services to people who are trying to move from one house or office space to another so that it would be easier for them to do so.

29. Plantains supply business

Plantains are hotcakes right now.

People patronize plantain sellers more than other stuff now. Plantain is one of the most costly products in Lagos right now.

A bunch of plantains can be sold from 5k – 20k.

The price also depends on how big is the bunch of plantains is.

So, starting importing plantains from nearby villages to cities would be the best small business you can start this year and make your cool profits.

30. Laser Skincare Studios

Everyone these days want to look gorgeous and stunning but they aren’t able to make it happen all alone.

They need someone’s help to achieve their goals and that person may be you if you are able to render laser Skincare services such as tattoos drowning, stretch marks removal, tribal mark removal and tattoos removal.

If you want to earn good profits from this business opportunity you have to set it up in a location of big boys and girls.

31. Start smartphone renting services

This is an untapped tech business ideas here in Nigeria.

I don’t actually know whether it’s existing in other countries but it’s a good business that any serious entrepreneurs can venture into.

This is how the business works, you acquired lots of expensive smartphones and set up a place costumers can come and rent your devices, that’s all.

Everyone wants to use expensive smartphones or experience or testing them before buying.

Also, if you can provide this service, then you ought to help tech bloggers that need to know in-depth features of new phones before writing reviews about them.

32. Chalk products

Most schools in the cities are using smartboards or whiteboard but what of schools in the local areas.

They still use chalk, so starting chalk factory is still one of the best business ideas in areas with lots of local schools.

The good part of this opportunity is that; it’s inexpensive to get started and running.

33. Making cakes for wedding and anniversaries

Weddings, birthdays, graduation parties and more are happening every day and these events can’t hold without cakes.

Making of cakes business is a profitable business you can start with a little to no capital.

All you have to do is to thrive in the business is to build a reputation by rendering excellent service to your clients.

34. Operating A Nursery School

It shouldn’t be new to you that school-related businesses are highly lucrative business ideas that yield lots of ROI.

If you love to be with children while not monetize that passion by setting up a nursery School and acquire more lovers of children (Teachers) to yourself to run the school effectively.

I know of a woman who turned her 2 bedrooms flat to a school and the children in her school are paying NGN18,000 for tuition fees.

She has 100 pupils in her school as of that time.

That’s means 18000*100 = #1,800,000.00.

You can see someone who was earning 35k monthly salary became a millionaire because she thinks out the box.

You too can do the same.

35. Buy and sell used wedding dresses

Majority of brides have no use for their wedding dresses after the wedding.

You can start a service that buys and sells of wedding dresses from such brides and sell them at a discounted rate to brides looking to buy wedding dresses on a budget.

You may wonder right now, how can you reach those brides that have unused wedding dresses to sell.

Nothing to worry about, all you have to do is to set up a website to reach more sellers and buyers beyond your location.

“Looking to hire a web designer? Don’t hesitate to contact me here

36. Start a business matching service

Another lucrative business idea is to set up a business matching service.

In the olden days, people use trade by barter system to acquire what they want because the hard currency (money) wasn’t in order then, that system is back again.

Here business owners who require services are hooked up with other business owners who can provide the service without taking cash payments rather they exchange service within themselves.

You can start a business like this to help business owners reduce the cost of doing business.

37. Organizing entertaining

Entertainment is one of the hot things right now.

So organizing entertaining and theatre group is a lucrative business idea.

It may base on comedy, music, dancing, movies or instrumentals.

They are all great because everyone loves to be entertained.

You can make money from this business through shows, via sponsors, YouTube and more.

Example of the business idea is Mike angel comedy, Nollywood, mavin record e.t.c

38. Drone manufacturing and sales

A drone is highly versatile, they can be used in engineering sites to take photos of sites or areas where humans cannot safely reach.

They can be used to take selfies and live recordings in social media for social media lovers.

They can be used to fight crime remotely, they can be also used in the agricultural sectors like the watering of crops and other important tasks.

You can start manufacturing or selling drones to those in need of them.

38 Raising and supplying flowers

Nearly everyone these days want to decorate or fancy their home and they can’t do that without flowers.

Flowers are among the most buying products in major cities in Nigeria, so by starting flower related business in any cities with a higher number of new Building will help you earn more from your business.

Before venturing into this business, consider the location you want to do the business very well because this determines the success of your business.

40 Start mobile food:

Instead of opening a brick and mortar restaurant, you can consider setting up a mobile food truck to sell lunch or breakfast to the working populace in your city.

Make sure it’s a working area or bussing environment.

That will guarantee your success.

41. Personal concierge

You can set up a network of personal concierges.

You can dispatch these concierges to work for clients who need their services for a short tern.

Personal concierges help their clients to runarounds and complete tasks that they are unable to handle themselves.

You can think of a personal concierge-like a personal assistant/help.

42. Start speech writing services

This is a type of business that will make you popular and remarkable.

You know why?

Hell no right I will tell you.

You will be dealing with top/high profile people.

Speech writing simply means writing of speeches for politicians, leaders or any event presenters that need the help of speechwriters.

You can set up your office and acquire more speech uniting experts with your self to start rendering this service to people who need it.

You can also set up a website for your business or set-up a website that will connect speech writers with clients and earn a commission from the payment of any job the writer executed.

Note: If you need a website or mobile app for your business please don’t hesitate to contact me here. I will design the website for you at affordable price

43. Baking bread and cakes

I hope this type of business is not new to you any more.

Every day people are eating bread and cakes.

I just finished my breakfast, guess what I ate?

It’s bread and tea.

That’s how others are eating it too even you may be addicted to bread too.

By starting bread and cakes baking business you will make a lot of profits because they are daily used stuff.

You can start racking your earning from day one of doing the business.

44. Operating a kindergarten home

You have a free apartment in your home and at the same love to be with children?

Why not take advantage of that by converting the apartment to preschool and reach out to parents in your area about your new business.

You can set up a preschool in a residential area and start earning your profit immediately because every parent these days want to give their kids a solid educational foundation.

45. Design and making children clothes/toys

Nobody will tell you before you will know that children dresses and playing tools are high profitable business ideas.

Every parent wants their children to look great and awesome so they always after trending new children dresses.

Even tho, they don’t buy for themselves the children’s own is a must.

Paraventure you are parent, you will know exactly what I’m talking about.

You can set up a business that focuses on designing children related products and make profits from it too.

46. Goat management:

Goat meat is a hot cake.

Almost everybody like goat meat as I do but the problem is to train the goat.

If you can train the goats and feed them well, then you have to set up livestock farm amicably.

It’s a profitable business that any agropreneurs can venture into.

47. Piggery management:

Piggery management is almost similar to goat management and any other livestock business you can imagine.

What makes a little bit different is that it’s more profitable than them.

You know why?

A pig can give birth to 6-24 piglets which means more money right?

48. Distilling and bottled water 

Distilling and bottling water is a lucrative business idea in any cities and town.

Pure water and bottled water are high demand items.

No man can do with the water in a day because it’s the most needed thing our body needs to remain healthy and fresh.

So starting a distilling and bottling water business will earn you good profits.

You can see how companies “Eva” and “Nestle” are globally and rich.

Think about it.

49. Basket making and supply

You may be surprised right now and said what kind of business idea is this?

Is it a good business idea?

Is it profitable?

Yes, it is a good business opportunity and also profitable.

If you make these following type of basket then, high profit is awaiting you.

Basket such as offering basket, fresh tomato basket, season gift basket etc. is a hot cake in Nigeria.

You can set up a basket making or supply business and make a profit from it.

50. Subseniption service business

Another lucrative idea is to set up a subscription service business where people can subscribe for a regular supply of particular products or service on the regular basis.

People can subscribe to a monthly supply of health products, beauty products, vehicle maintenance, pet treatment and so on.

To make it easy for people to subscribe to your service, you can set up a website for your business.

The website also will help you to take your business beyond your location which means more opportunities.

If you need a website/app for your business I’m here to help you create it for you at an affordable rate”

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Online business ideas you can now start in 2021

The first segment of this article is all about the offline business opportunity and the second segment below will solely on online business opportunities.

So can we start now if yes let’s begin…..

51. Start an e-commerce business

E-commerce is one of the most highly profitable business opportunity in the whole worldwide right now.

It’s the industry that produces the richest man in the world, talking about Jeff Bezos in particular.

Selling online is the best way to reach the right customers.

E-commerce business is a must-have for everyone who wants to make it in selling goods to wholesale or end-users.

To setup, an eCommerce site wouldn’t break your bank account.

It cost me just about $100 to create my so you can launch your own e-commerce site and start selling to the whole world today

Note: We can help you set up your e-commerce at a very cheap price

52. Start a blog

Blogging is one of the coolest ways to make money online.

I have been blogging for more than 5 years now and I have never regretted it.

In case you don’t know what is blogging, here are details articles I wrote about it below

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53. Start an online magazine

Technology and its advancement have made information pretty easy to discover nowadays.

People are using their Pc (personal computer) and smartphone to access information online these days.

If you can provide these information people are looking for them, you are on your way to a million dollars.

You can read more about the online magazine on —– here.

54. Start a digital marketing agency

If you’re a digital marketing guru why not start your agency?

And it may not necessary for you to be a guru before you can start this type of business.

All you’ve to do is to hire a digital marketing expert that can get your clients to work done effectively.

Business is moving online and most of these business owners aren’t digital marketing expert.

So they must rely on your company in order for them to become successful.

In case you need any digital marketing services please check my agency)

55. Start a dropshipping business

AliDropship is the best solution for drop shipping

Dropshipping business is a process whereby an individual or business sells manufacturers /suppliers products without keeping any inventory.

This is one of the easiest and high profitable business opportunity you can tap into right now with a low budget.

You can use a platform like Shopify or woocommerce to set up your dropshipping store.

Before you can start this type of business you have to acquire the necessary skills, so you join Triple Academy to do so.

Discover more online opportunities here: 88 way to make money online:(work from home)


All of the business ideas listed above are highly profitable businesses but it is a tie than to how you approach them and how you operate them.

So, which one of these business ideas, you are going to try or currently doing?

Leave your answer below

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