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It’s not year 2000 any more that mini importation business in Nigeria was a great Impediment.

If you want to venture into mini importation business in Nigeria as of then.

You have to travel all the way to China, USA, Vietnam etc to purchase your products and bring them to Nigeria or follow an agent routine to import your goods to the country.

But this is no longer the case, thank to the internet and the advancement of the technology. We are in the internet era.

The Internet has made it so easy to venture into mini-importation business without any negative issue if you are loaded with the right information to get you started, and that is the purpose of this exclusive article.

This article is meant to provide you with the right information which you need to run a successful mini importation business without a hindrance.

So are you ready to learn mini importation hack and start racking your profit?

If yes, then let’s begin…

What is mini importation business?

Mini-importation business is a small scale importation business model where an individual or company with low capital can purchase goods from overseas at a cheaper rate, import them to the country and sell them at a higher price.

Mini-importation is a long age trending profitable business opportunity that has been around for decades.

It has helped a lot of people to make their way to a millionaire or billionaire and you can too.

Who mini importation business is for?

This type of business model isn’t for everybody.

It’s only meant for the following categories of people;

  • Someone who’s looking for high profitable business ideas.
  • Someone who wants to venture into the retail business.
  • An entrepreneur with low capital.
  • Someone who’s eager to make extra income.
  • Is for low-income earners.
  • A smart entrepreneur who has identified what people want and willing to help them out.

Are you in any of those categories mentioned above?

If you are, then you wouldn’t regret to read this article.

Because this tips you will learn here contain everything you need to know about the mini-importation business in Nigeria and any part of the world.

6 Reasons why you should start mini importation business

Here are a few reasons why you should start mini-importation without hesitation.

1. Profits: Mini importation business is a very profitable business if you can import high demanding products then you ought to make lots of money (profit) in return.

You can buy a product from China at the rate of $5 and sell it for the rate of $30-$50 here in Nigeria and that’s how people are making it from the business.

2. Low Capital: To do this type of business, it does not require huge capital to start. with a little amount like # 20,000 naira, ($52-53) you can launch a good profitable business.

3. Another stream of income: If you want to make it far in life you need multiple streams of income.

If you have a job or business already, you should add mini-importation to it.

Nothing good like making money from a different source. it makes one get rich quickly.

4. Easy to Get started: No business is easy to start like mini importation business. It’s easy to tap into. you can even run it right from your home without stress.

5. Inexpensive: Mini importation is less expensive, it does not require a physical shop or office to get started neither need nor require to travel to other countries to purchase your goods.

As far as you have your internet connection and a PC or smartphone you can start your business right from your comfort home or any place of your choice.

6. Location isn’t a problem: Nothing like location hindrance in mini importation you can do it from anywhere you can in the world as far as you can get a buyer for your imported goods.


Before we can get into the starting steps in running mini importation business. It’s necessary to know the most important requirement tools you will need to run your business successful and they are…

  • PC (personal computer)/laptop or smartphone.
  • Internet access
  • A master card or visa card and PayPal account (in some cases).
  • Your capital.
  • A place for the delivery of the goods that are the essential tools you need to get started.

So as you have known the required tools to get you started, let’s dive into the real reason why, we’re here, which is how to start mini importation business in 2020-2021.



Here are steps to start a mini importation business below:

1. Pick a niche for your products: This is a crucial part of the business, there are many niches in a mini importation business, and if you have enough capital you can go for multiple niches.

But if you are on a little amount of budget I encourage you to go for one that is highly profitable that can yield you a lot of money.

There are several niches to dive into. Here are some of them below:

  • Electronic products.
  • Fashion.
  • Furniture.
  • Clothes.
  • Makeup kits.
  • Education.
  • Gadgets.
  • Mobile phone.
  • Bags.
  • Wireless charger.
  • Headphones.
  • Posture correction.
  • Belts.
  • Waist trainers.
  • Home appliances.
  • Cosmetic jewellery.
  • Mobile phone.
  • Home appliances.
  • Accessories etc.

2. Source for products: After you have selected niches of the products that you want to sell, what you need to do now is to source your products, with the help of the Internet, to do this is no longer a problem.

There are hundreds of online platforms out there to source your products from, but only few of them that are credible and reliable.

So with the help of listed legit sites below you can find your supplier or suppliers in no time.

Here’re 7 top reliable sites to source your products below;

  • Dhgate.

That are reliable platforms I’ve used myself to source products for my dropshipping and mini importation business.

So you can head over to any one of them, create your account and start looking for your supplier on the platform.

3. Buy from supplier: Purchasing your goods from your supplier is the next step to take; but first, you have to select a reliable supplier from the platforms above.

How do I know a reliable supplier?

The answer here is simply choosing the supplier with a 4-5 star rating and also pay attention to review on his or her profile.

You want to make sure the goods demanded are quality products.

One of the right ways to ensures this is through review and feedback from other buyers.

Always let your supplier know that you hate inferior products by doing this he or she will definitely supplying you quality goods.

4. How to pay for the goods: How to pay for the goods should not be an Impediment; you can use your credit or debit card to make your payment.

You can even use your master card and Visa card or better still some suppliers also accept PayPal.

These are to ensure that your goods get to you.

Without payment, no supplier can send you their goods. You have to make a payment first.

But my advice to you is, you don’t have to pay directly to the supplier at the beginning. You can pay through the platform you use to get the supplier.

5. How to choose shipping options: Your goods can be delivered to you by a carrier company.

There is a shipping option you can select from below :

*FREE SHIPPING: This process takes longer, it may take 20 -52 days when using the free shipping method to have the delivery of your goods.

*STANDARD SHIPPING: This is a little bit faster than free shipping. It may take 15 – 30 days when using the standard shipping option to have your goods delivered.

* EXPRESS OR PREMIUM SHIPPING: This is the fastest way to get your goods delivered.

It takes 2-7 days to receive your products, for further understanding, this means your supplier will use a company like DHL, FEDEX etc to send your goods.

But this method is expensive for a beginner in some cases.

You can ask your supplier very well to get a better understanding of the shipping method you can afford.

Goods delivery is, why a physical location of where you want the goods to be delivered is important.

The physical location is the address where your goods will be given to you. You are contacted in other to ensure that your goods get to you.

6. Advertise your goods: After you have successfully gone through all the steps and got your goods with you. You still need to market your products. it’s a must factor to do. Fail to do this can land you in a hot okro soup.

You can sell your goods to your family and friends to get started.

But I think that wouldn’t be enough so you can sell your products on platforms like, jumia or on social media such as Facebook and Instagram.

In case you may find it challenging to sell your goods I compile a list of ways to advertise your business and get maximum sales here.

You can contact triple internet to help you create Facebook, Instagram, Google ads or online store that will increase your sales 250%.


That’s all to a successful mini importation business in Nigeria, Ghana, South Africa and the world at large.

If you can implement what you have learned on this page, I see you operating a successful mini importation business that will yield you steady income.

In case you have any questions, suggestions or addition then leave a comment below.

Bye talk soon.

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