Facebook groups marketing became an integral part of online marketing as a whole. Nearly all small and big business owners on Facebook are involved in one or more Facebook groups.

But the question is; Are they in the right groups?

Well, I can answer this question without any hesitation. Only a few that are actually in the right groups.

That’s why I dig into the community of billions of people (Facebook) and comes out with this list of 15 helpful Facebook groups for small business owners and Facebook lovers entrepreneurs to use them to scale their businesses online.

I’ve used these groups to increase my business visibilities and you can too.

Factors to consider before joining Facebook groups as a business owner.

If you want to make the best out of Facebook groups marketing then you should consider the following criteria below before joining.

1. How active is the group?

They’re millions of Facebook groups out there but the big question is; Are they active? Not all, only a few do. So you have to join active groups, not all groups that you come across.

2. Number of members:

This is another vital factor to consider before joining a Facebook group. At times 5k active members group is far better than 1million inactive group. But you have to join a group with good reasonable active members.

3. The niche of the group:

This is what will determine the success of your Facebook groups marketing. it’s very important to your success. It’s not ideal to share dating content on a business group. The same goes for other niches too. So you have to join relevant groups to your business. I mean the same niche or niches with your business.

4. The location:

If you operate a regional business then you have to join a group that is based on your business location in order for you to be able to maximize your marketing efforts.

5. The group rules and regulations:

Can you abide by the group rules and regulations?

Some groups have strict rules and admin of some groups are strick too. So you need to read the group rules and regulations carefully before joining.

Most of all this will help you to know the right type of contents to post in the group. It’ll also make it easy for the admin and moderators of the group to approve your post fast.

I hope by now you have known what to do before joining any Facebook groups.

If you are still not, nothing to worry about here’re the list of incredible high engaging Facebook groups for small business owners and entrepreneurs that you can join right.

These groups would help you boost your business visibilities 150%.

15 best Facebook groups for business owners 2020

Are you ready to drive free traffic to your business from Facebook groups?

If YES then let’s begin…

1. Entrepreneur:

This group is one of the hottest Facebook group for entrepreneurs and business owners.

The group was created by the “Millionaire club” for the purpose of gathering entrepreneurs and business owners, marketing agencies, marketing experts, investors etc to help each other.

✓Group Type: Private
✓Number of members: 118k members
✓Group growth:  2700+ new members every week.
✓Groupage: 10 years
Average post per day: 400-700 posts

This group is very helpful for any business owners or entrepreneurs who want real advice from other entrepreneurs or experienced marketers.

2. Entrepreneur and start-ups:

The business group is meant for entrepreneurs and start-ups owners who are seeking real help from experienced entrepreneurs or business gurus.

You can build your reputation hereby help start-ups helpful tips they can use to grow their business or businesses in return they’d patronise you.

✓Group Type: Private
✓Number of members: 99k members
✓Group growth: 1700+ new members weekly
✓Groupage: 2 years
✓Average post per day: 60-100 posts.

3. Digital Marketing tips & Jobs:

No business can survive without effective marketing, including yours too. So that’s this group is must join.

It’s a place where digital marketing experts and business owners meet to share marketing tips.
That’s not all you can even land your dreams jobs or contract here too.

✓Group type: private
✓Number of members: 326k members
✓Group growth: 3,000+ new members weekly
✓Group aga: 6 years
✓Average post per day: 50-100 posts.

4. Advertise your business or page for free 24/7:

It’s a good place to market your products or services to over 376,052 people.

But this kind of groups you need to be careful because you may come across spamming contents and fake people.

✓Group type: Public
✓Number of members: 375k members
✓Group growth: 1k-2k new members weekly
✓Groupage: 7 years
✓Average post per day: 1000+ posts

5. Digital marketing, SEO, SMO:

As the name implies that’s how the activities of the group are. it’s the place to discuss all of the marketing methods above and more. To be around others experience marketers will definitely do you and your business good.

✓Group Type: Private
✓Number of members: 144k members
✓Group growth: 700-1000 New members weekly
✓Group Age: 4 years
✓Average post per day: 50-200 posts

6. Small business/entrepreneurship

It’s a business group that focuses on helping small business owners/entrepreneurs to network and help each other.

✓Group type: Public
✓Number of members: 83,879 members
✓Group growth: 500+ New members weekly
✓Groupage: 2 years
✓Average post per day: 100 posts

7. Network marketing: Promote your business & Offers:

As the name implies that is how the group work. It’s a place to network with other entrepreneurs and at the same time promote your products and services.

✓Group Type: Private
✓Number of members: 90k members
✓Group growth: 1000-3000 new members weekly
✓ Groupage: 11 Years
✓Average post per day: 150+ posts

8. Email Marketing worldwide:

This group is strictly meant for email Marketing tips for entrepreneurs and small business owners that are eager to take their emails marketing efforts to the next level.

Every successful business these days need email Marketing to boost their traffic, leads and sales.

So you can learn everything about email Marketing on this group or you can read this ultimate guide to email Marketing on “learning is easy now”.

✓Group Type: Private
✓Number of members: 25k members
✓Group growth: 500-1000 new members weekly
✓Groupage: 8 years
✓Average post per day: 20-50 posts

9. New business ideas\startup:

The group is for creative people, thinkers, with new business ideas and the ability to implement them. If you are stills interested in new business opportunities them the group is for you.

✓Group Type: Private
✓Number of members: 37k members
✓Group growth: 500 new members weekly
✓Groupage: 5 years
✓Average post per day: 50+ every day

10. Small business ideas:

The group is strictly meant for the name it bears. It’s a place to share business ideas with other entrepreneurs. And if you are looking for small business ideas them here’s go-to.

✓Grop type: Private
✓Number of members: 96k members
✓Group growth: 500-1000 new members weekly
✓Groupage: 3 years
✓Average post per day: 200-500 posts

11. Advertise your business and services:

This is a Facebook group that focuses on the advertisement. This group have a huge audience, so promoting your business, products and services here is a great opportunity.

✓Group Type: Private
✓Number of members: 190k members
✓Group growth: 200-1000 new members weekly
✓Groupage: 6 years
✓Average post per day: 2,000 posts

12. E-commerce mastermind (Gabriel St-Germain):

This is for my fellow e-commerce entrepreneurs.

Here you will learn everything you need to know about e-commerce business. It’s a very active Facebook e-commerce marketing group for e-commerce owners or aspirants.

✓Group Type: Private
✓Number of members: 60k members
✓Group growth: 1k new members weekly
✓Groupage: 2 years
✓Average post per day: 50-200 posts

13. I need business partners:

It’s for business owners and entrepreneurs seeking business partners or network marketer hunting for prospects.

It’s a great place to hang out with business-minded personalities. You can try it out and see yourself.

✓Group Type: Private
✓Numbers of members: 20k members
✓Group growth: 500+ new members weekly
✓Groupage: 4 years
✓Average post per day: 50-100 posts

14. Business ideas:

This is our Facebook group. You know we talked a lot about business here and many are on Facebook that needs business ideas. That’s why I created the group to help the business ideas sharing group to discover ideas.

✓Group type: Public
✓Number of members: 2000+ members
✓Group growth: 100-200 new members weekly
✓Groupage: 3 years
✓Average post per day: 60 posts

15. Advertise your business or page for free 24/7:

This group is one of Facebook biggest community to advertise your business on for free. It’s a great place for you to sell your products or services without paying a dine.

✓Group type: Public
✓Number of members: 375k members
✓Group growth: 1000+ new members weekly
✓Groupage: 7 years
✓Average post per day: 1k-2k per day

Wrap up

There you have the list of Facebook groups for small business owners. All of the groups listed above are very active and effective. It’s very important to join them all or one of them to maximize your marketing efforts.

Are you a member of any of these groups? If yes, share your experiences with us in the comments section below.

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