Do you feel weak and demotivated as soon as you think about the fact that you have to study? Looking for how to keep yourself good for Optimal Learning?

I usually start tidying up my closet, tidying up my room, cooking food, or doing something else just to keep myself busy (I am simply looking for reasons not to study).

Like I discussed the basic tips to self motivate the last time on Techpally, today, it’s about tricks to get yourself in the learning mood. 

Learning shouldn’t be complex or complicated, in this digital world, technology has simplified learning and teaching processes. 

However, today, I’d talk about areas that are less talked about when it comes to putting one in the right track for learning 

Optimal Learning Conditions

How are you supposed to study when you’re tired, hungry, angry and in a cluttered room?

I cannot study at all if I have too little sleep or if I am in a mess with my school stuff.

At Healthpally conference, my tips for optimal learning conditions are sleep, exercise, and a good diet.

  • Sleep

If you’re not sleeping, you don’t have the brain cells ready to help you with learning and assimilation.

You need to give your brain and body the time it needs to relax.

You can only be motivated and focused when you have had a good rest.

It will probably take you four times as long to learn a chapter if you have no rest. 

I love to treat myself to a break, a break, or a power napping of 10-15 minutes after an hour at the latest. 

After that, my brain is ready to memorize everything for me again.

1. Sports

I always need a little exercise before or after studying – be it to process what I have learned or to balance my body.

I also often train and learn, pack my four study sheets and go for a walk with them or take them with me to learn on my beloved stepper in the gym.

When I exercise, my brain is much more powerful and I also do something for my body.

2. Good Nutrition

After eating fatty foods, the body is so busy processing it that it has no strength for anything else. 

I, therefore, recommend eating light foods and drinking enough (water, tea, juice, or coffee).

For the non-coffee drinkers among you: Black tea always makes me a night owl.

In addition to learning, small snacks, fresh fruit or chocolate also have a very encouraging effect on me and inspire my motivation to learn.

Motivation IS more important than Intelligence

Are you afraid that you might not make it at all? 

The fear increases with every challenge or test that you do not believe you are capable of and that is a shame. 

What about getting help from relatives, acquaintances, or friends or at least getting an overview of YouTube videos?

 Often you just don’t have the perspective. 

For me, “not being able” mostly merges with “not wanting” and that forms a vicious circle from which I can only get out if I sit down and go through my “step-by-step instructions” for learning.

Let go of your head and just give it a try, Techpally boss advised.

To perform well, intelligence is not the most important thing, but the motivation, ie to WANT to perform.

I’m positively elated when I have achieved something, regardless of whether it was a big or a small challenge. 

Love the feeling of “being proud” and keep it so that the next time you study or the next exam you can remember this feeling and strive for this feeling again. 

I usually feel depressed when I haven’t faced a challenge.

 Nobody can take that away from me anytime soon. 

However, if you’ve tried and failed, it’s not that difficult to be proud of yourself anyway, because you’ve at least tried, says Techpally news editor.


There are personal and external contributing factors to optimal learning.

Besides the self-will to learn, which can also be triggered by reward or good learning environment, there are several other factors beyond the control of the learner.

However, to keep yourself good for optimal learning, you need to eat properly, relax, make yourself comfortable, and read bit by bit. 

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