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FingaNews Income Program Review

It is more than too much the amount of data you’ve wasted online doing almost nothing; It is high time you use your data to make money for yourself.

It is never a bad idea to subscribe your line on daily, weekly or monthly bases, but what are those data used for? If you only subscribe to chat on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter or other social media platforms, or only to watch movies or comedy on Youtube then you’ve been in the darkest pit all this while.

Your daily login to the internet should benefit you more than mere ‘Hi and Hello’, but that is if you want it to work for you. So, in this article I will set your mind on the positive perspective of online investment and why it’s worth taking what you might call risk; So keep reading and don’t skip a point.

It might not be far from the truth that online business or dealings might be risky, but it is better to die as a brave man than to live a cowardly life.

I did not just say that to encourage you to make a fool of yourself into the hands of fraudsters, but only to encourage you that not ‘taking risk is risky’.

In as much as i will encourage you to be careful in online dealings, in as much as i will encourage you to make a deep research about any online business before you jump in, i will also recommend a legitimates online platform where you can make cool money with your data.

I am not just bothered about the way we buy data almost for nothing, I am much bothered that our phones, tablets, laptops and what have you are used almost for nothing.

Most of us buy Iphone only to use it for calls and Facebook; What a stupid mindset and a foolish way to waste money! If Your 30k-300k you spent on a phone or you want to buy a phone will not benefit you anything, then i advise you never to trash that amount of money.

As much as there are some fraudsters online looking for who to dupe, there are much more legitimate people, businesses or platforms online that you can tap to and make good money.

So, I want to recommend an online platform where you can make good money from the comfort of your house.

I am not recommending this platform for you based on what people told me about it, I am recommending it based on my own share of the testimony; I registered with this platform for a long time now and they never failed to deliver promptly.

I thought about this and i realized i have been selfish all this while for not letting people know about this program, so i decided to introduce you to this platform they called:

FingaNews Income Program

FingaNews is an online news platform where you get local and international news, business news, history, fashion, Relationship, quotation and lots more.

FingaNews referral income is a platform where you make lots of thousands of dollars or Naira by just referring people to the platform, you can earn as much as N20,000 in a day, or even more, depending on how determined you are.

All you need to do is just to register with FingaNews with just N2,000. After your payment, a registration code and a link will be sent to you, and then you will register and become a partner.

After your successful registration and you become a partner, you will only need to be referring people through you, any one that register through you with the same N2,000, N1,000 of that person’s registration fee is automatically yours.

How To Earn On FingaNews

  • Once you Sign up, you receive bonus of 2000 Fas point (FingaNews ADs Share point)
  •  Reading News earn you 50 Fas point
  • Commenting on News 50 Fas point
  • Sharing any news on the site, you earn 50  Fas points
  • Daily Login bonus is 200 Fas point
  • You Earn  250 Fas point for Sharing  Daily sponsored post
  • You Earn 250  Fas point for sharing Daily Campaign Advert.
  • And Earn N1,000   for Referral Bonus.

That is awesome right? Yes! Also; If you can write articles for FingaNews like News (Local and International), Celebrity gist, Entertainment News, Political News, Relationship tips, Stories, Histories, etc, you get from N300-N800 per article depending on the quality of the article.

So what are you waiting for? You can choose not to feel this lockdown if only you can use your head. This is 100% real, it works perfect for me and it will work perfectly for you, trust me.

Remember; The easiest way to miss opportunity is to ignore information.  For more information and registration guide, visit this links HERE to get started.

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