It’s very precious to be young but many young people haven’t know how to take advantage of their young age.

A lot of young people out there are wasting their previous periods of their lives on irrelevant things.

So many of these people always fall into these mistakes below.

The purpose of this article is to help you over come the challenges and if you’re a victim already there’s still a chance for you to amend your ways.

So, are you ready to discovered the mistakes young people make the most? If so, let’s begin…

10 Mistakes Young People Make usually

1. Young people (young person) waste time

Time is one of the element God sets to figure out the activities of men, this moment you will think you have enough of it the next moment you will be surprise how fast it slipped off your way.

Young people fail to realize that what is ticking is not time but your life, the more you waste time, the more you waste your life.

Time tick faster than you think, it wait for no one, time itself is given time so it cannot afford to delay.

Most young people waste time on unnecessary things; a young man can spend a whole of his day in a betting center, spends so many hours watching different football clubs game.

A young man can spend more than five hours on blind argument that sometime leads to fight.

Why would you sleep throughout a day when you ought to be doing something meaningful; you may think you have time until you become 70 then you will realize with regrets many necessary steps you should had took but wasted your time on things of low Esteem.

As a young adult you should have a timetable for yourself, every of your days activities should be mapped out, you must live each moment of your life as your last chance to succeed.

A young adult who outline different parties of occasions for himself through each week of his life is already a failure.

As a young adult you must not allow procrastination ruin your life, it destroy your life before you know it.

Every man is created and given a certain time to explore the earth to his best of capability; your inability to utilize your limited time will end you up with bunch of regrets.

Every moment of your life should be accounted for, each second must be for something, and you must be able to list out quality things you spend your 24 hours on by dawn.

2. Self doubt / underestimating of oneself

Everyone is born a winner ‘you must believe it’; most young people don’t have confidence in themselves, they lack courage to figure out their potential.

Many young people think that challenges in life are meant for extraordinary people, but the truth is that no one is supernatural.

One of the greatest differences between success and failure is confidence; the very moment you give up on yourself your ability and you potential is the moment you start to die.

As a young adult you must believe in yourself, you must be positive to yourself, never say I can’t, never let the voice of defeat to sing to you, if master A can do it then you too can, if that man can be successful in a business then you can be more successful.

Success comes from within, your mindset towards life.

Your academic background does not justify your place in the realm of greatness.

People who have self doubt are always afraid that things could get out of hands ‘the fear of the unknown, the imagination of the uncertainty’.

When you allow self doubt to cloud your life it will focus your heart on how difficult it is to explore the benefit life.

A certain level of self doubt is good, it indicate you understand what you should improve on in other to get better, however; persistent in fear and self doubt can hugely affect your life in a negative way.

Our past experience sometime can make us develop self doubt, but we must understand that life is in phases, just because the previous phase doesn’t work does not mean the next step will not work.

Your upbringing must not be the reason for your self-doubt, if your parents or people in your community are not courageous does not mean you cannot break record.

Every young adult must understand that greatness resides in everyone, but your mindset to believe and work on yourself will bring out the giant in you.

3. Young people hate learning

Mistakes Young People

Friedrich Nietzsche once said “he who would learn to fly one day must first learn to stand and walk and run and climb and dance, one cannot fly into flying”.

Many young people wants to be successful in life but hate learning; it is not enough to go school, pass exams and have good grads even though many young people hates school, but the real lessons that takes people through the tough path of life is taught outside school.

In school we learn how to solve problems and equations in math and other subjects and how to define words but school never taught us how to strive in the real world.

As a young adult, first your primary, secondary and tertiary education must be paramount, but to know more to know more about the mysteries of life and how to unfold them you must attend seminal, take your time to make research, read stories about people’s failure.

Many young people prefer reading books about how successful a man become, but the truth is that it is better to read about people’s failed attempt, it will make you stand firm whenever you are faced by such challenges. Buy and read good books, Mark Twain said ‘the man who does not read good books has no advantage over the man who cannot read them’. Click To Tweet

Go to people who are more advance in knowledge than you, ask questions there’s no shame in not knowing.

You must not allow pride and stupidity to take you away from the realm of learning.

Napoleon Hill said ‘there’s one quality which one must possess to win, and that is definiteness of purpose, the knowledge of what one wants, and a burning to possess it. Click To Tweet

One of the greatest differences between rich people and poor people is that rich people are lifetime learners, they exposes themselves to daily information.

Information is more powerful than money that is why the people who have money yearn and acquire information in other to multiply their money.

So as a young adult you must learn to be the star you want to be.

4. Young people spend money carelessly

Most young people full of life of latest fashion; their only priority is to make money and but the latest cloths, the latest shoes, wear the latest perfume, go to the latest club in town, carry different women, drink as much bottle as they can in a day, and they think the beauty of life reside in of this.

I remember a story of a young man who at the end of the month after collecting his salary of N35,000 went to a betting center with a mindset to multiply the money, his conscience was so dull enough that he didn’t realize he was a fool when he had already lost N20,000 of the money to betting but until the money remain N1,000. Imagine if this young man do this every month, and that is the kind of life many young people live.

As a young adult you must be able to give account what you spend your money on, buy things you need and not what everyone is buying, in as much as you must look good it does not mean you must compete with someone else Click To Tweet.

The moment you start to compete with someone on who to lavish your money is the moment you start buying your way to failure.

5. Many young people give up easily

Determination and consistency is the only key to achievement; young people often give up to responsibilities when challenges became tough.

Challenges are what makes life interesting but overcoming them is what makes life meaningful.

As a young adult you must learn to strive hard in the face of uncertainty, you must realize that the more you push yourself the higher the height you reach, you must realize that every failed attempt is a step closer to success.

Greatness only comes to people that fight for it, those who hunger cannot force them to quit, those who frustration cannot stop them, those who what people say does not cloud them judgment.

6. Many young people get addicted to social media

Social media is good, technology is awesome, they exposes us to daily information, they makes us know daily changes that happen in our world, but most of these things that have good qualities also have their side effect.

Most young people spend every of their given chance on social media say Hi and How Are You, making friends that adds no value to their life.

Most young people waste their money on daily, weekly or monthly subscription just to be always online living fake life, uploading  different pictures both naughty and what have you just to get useless likes and comments.

It is not a bad thing to have account on different social media platform, but of what benefits are they to you. Your data subscription should add value to your life and your income.

Your time spent online should benefit you. The amount of girls or boys you are able to get from social media mean nothing to your life.

7. Many young people lacks gratitude

Been grateful for any favor received does not portray you been a beggar, but shows you level of humanity. Gratitude is a feeling of thankfulness or appreciation, but most often this quality is lacking in the lives of our youths.

Some think gratitude is an old fashion that should be abandon, some think everyone should give or be nice so there’s nothing to be grateful for, but the truth is that ‘he who does not appreciate the little cannot be given the big.

Some young adult think a favor must be big before it should be appreciated, but every act of kindness no matter how little should be appreciated.

That is why so many youths miss their life time opportunity, someone who ought to be their messiah abandons them because of lack of gratitude as a quality.

As a young person or anyone you must learn to appreciate every act of kindness no matter how little or whosoever it comes from, the more you appreciate the little the more your chances to get the big. Click To Tweet

8. Young people neglect health

Everyone who wishes to be free from health issues at old age must work towards it at young age, older people we see struggling with bad health condition make some mistakes when they were young.

Self medication is one of the bad habits you found in young people, most of them don’t care about deficiency of their body system. As a young person you have a strong immune system to fight diseases, but if you over stress your body immune system it will woefully fail you before noon.

Every young adult must not joke with his/her state of health. If you want to have a healthy old age you must do everything to work towards it now that you are young, exposes yourself to daily exercise, avoid self medication, avoid local medicine that are not laboratory testified, your healthy old age is a product of your mindful youth age.

9. Young people invest without research

Every successful businesses or adventures does not come to line light by accident, they are all product of research and had work. Most young people go into line of business because it’s working for other person without taking time to know all effects put together to get to the success. Failures in most businesses are product of non research.

For you to be successful in any kind of investment you must take your time to study the business, go to people at are in that line of business and ask questions, know how to stand firm when your encounter challenges if not your whole effects will never see the light of the day.

10. Majority of Young people don’t fear God

The fear of God is the beginning of wisdom; it is the beginning of every good thing. If you want to live your life on earth as that of in paradise you must fear God with all your existence, you must put him first in everything you do so that you will be upright.

The reason for the level of hatred and fraudulent act we have in our world today is because we don’t fear God, if you don’t have the fear of God in you-you are bound to do anything evil. Click To Tweet

The reason why most of our youth commit so many atrocities is because of the lack of fear of God, and this is the reason for so many premature deaths we have in our society today. If you want to live a long and successful life on earth as a youth person you must fear God and ask Him for guidance all the time.

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