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Are you looking for tips and trek to build healthy customer relationship? or you find it difficult to win the heart of your customers to keep them coming back for more? If so, then you are in the right place.

In this article, you will learn all the tricks involved in building a healthy customer relationship.

Are you ready to lean?

If yes, that’s good but before we could get started, let’s first quickly discuss the following terms;

Build, healthy, customers, relationship and entrepreneur.

This will help us to clearly know exactly what are required to build strong healthy customer relationship and customer base business or businesses.

Build: It simply means to form by combining materials, or parts or Ideas.

It also means Create. what did this got to do with customer relationship? well, it means a lot.

you can’t have strong Customer relationship or customer base business without you creating it.

So if you want to have a genuine relationship with your customers, you must put your Customer Service skills, ideas to work and resources to build it.

A customer: Is a person or organization that buys something from a shop or business.

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This to say that, anybody that isn’t buying from you is not your customer, only those that buy from you that is your
customer and you have to develop ways to make these people (customers) happy and that is
exactly what we’re up to here, so keep calm and read on.

Relationship: Simply means, the connection between you and your customers.

How do you connect with your customers and how effective is your connection with them?

If you can answers these question above positively then, you have nothing to worry on how to building a healthy customer relationship.

If you can’t, no cause for alarm, you’re in a right place to master the trick to do so.

Health: It simply means a toast to prosperous [From 17th c].

It also means the Security and successful functioning of something. What this has to do with customer relationship?

It means your connection with your customers has to be secure and running smoothly.

How can you do this?

You don’t know how right? Nothing to worry about you will discover what to do later in this post.

Entrepreneur: An entrepreneur is a person who started or organizes a commercial enterprise, especially involving financial risk.

The relationship between a customer and an entrepreneur is the link, contact or dealings between these people as individuals or in groups. So that is the meaning of entrepreneur.

I have come to discover in my years of studies that every normal human being always yearn to be successful, and be his/her own boss, and become a great personality, a man of influence and live a very comfortable and pleased life.

The above statement also applies to every entrepreneur too. But, that can not be achieve without building a very healthy and effective relationship with your customers.

A good relationship with your customers will make your business or company indispensable to your customers.

So let’s begin with the tips.

12 ways to develop effective customer relationship 

customer service

Here are some ways to develop strong customers relationships that will boost your Sales 1000%;

1. Be friendly

Friendliness is often in short supply in this modern business world, yet it is always highly valued when offered.

Your shop should be a place customers will be happy to visit. In fact, if you can’t make friends don’t be a sales person or retailer.

If I enter your shop and you display an offhand manner or “a take-it-or leave-it-attitude” I will never come back to your shop for anything again.

Happiness comes to those who spread or share happiness.

Customers prefer to deal with those they admire and feel at ease with, and here is how you can become a friendly sales person below;

  • You should be easy to talk to
  • you should be neat and clean
  • you should never be too busy to give attention to your customers.
  • You should be nice but firm
  • You Should never feel superior to your customers.
  • And lastly go beyond “good morning sir/ma.

When a customer comes to your shop!

Show concern by asking them such as how are you doing today sir or ma?, how was your night or day?

Or how family?

This shows them your personal interest in them. Which will enhance your relationship with your costumers.

2. Be etiquette to your customers:

The best way to create or maintain a healthy customer relationship with your customers is to be courteous to your Customers.

You must display good manners towards them.

There is a popular word saying;

A Customer is the king” and other one Saying; A customer is always right.

According to Mrs. Modupe in her book, “the wise entrepreneur”, there are only two rules for customer treatment, to enhance good customer relationship and successful business.

  • Rule 1: The customer is always right
  • Rule 2: When you think the customer is wrong refer back to rule one.

Knowing how to get along with people will help strengthen the relationship between you and your customers, whether a customer is rude, foolish, difficult, outright stupid or childish, he/she is still right.

Your good attitude towards your customer to keep your business going and growing is very necessary, your customers are the reason you open the business in the first place. Click To Tweet

3. Do learn to apologize quickly when necessary.

It does not cost you anything or dine to apologize to your customers. Admit errors caused by you or your staffs immediately to avoid unnecessary mayhem.

4. See the positive side of your customers

In order to have a genuine customers relationship, try as much as possible to see customers positive side, this will help you to sell more easily.

This is how it work, when an angry customer enter your shop and you focus on the anger, not the person, you may not sell, but when You welcome him/her with a smile and act as if you do not see the frown, then, the first hurdle is crossed into sales… Click To Tweet

In your dealing with people, especially your customers always see a ½ full cup not an empty cup, this positive manner will enhance your customer relationship and selling point.

5. Your price must be reasonable:

Avoid the greed of trying to make a lot of profit in just one deal.

You can succeed to do so but the customer might not come back again and at the same time he/she will loose the trust he/she has for you.

Customers practice economic calculation in their favor.

They want the very most for the very least and they will buy from who they feel can best give it to them.

So price is the centerpiece of your relationship with your customers.

It must not be too high, to enable your competitors take the lion share of the market or too low to make you close shop if you cannot break even.

You must learn how to set a fix price that will yield you enough profit to keep you on the business.

6. Create a customer-center business:

If your business is a customer centered, your focus should be on your customers needs, you must have excellent customer Service skills to help you stand out of the crowd. Click To Tweet

We are in knowledge era whereby every impediments we encounter can be solve by acquiring the right
knowledge to Solve it.

Always think of your customer as your gust because that is the only way you can retain them.

Try to make them comfortable and relaxing in your shop, as much as possible.

I just want you to know that, the longer customers stays in your shop, the more they likely to buy.

Customer centered business is a type of business that treat their customers like kings and queens.

They serve their customer to the fullness and with faithfulness which enhance their relationship with their

7. Make your shop look attractive and enticing:

The incredible look of your shop/office is an important promotional tool.

Whether you operate offline or online store, make sure it is attractive.

No one like dirty environment neither like to deal with dirty person.

Use display fixture and fittings that complement the decoration of the interior of your shop.

Also consider safety and convenience in addition to the beauty of your shop fixtures.

By doing this, you are enhancing your customer relationship without hassles.

8 Don’t be a mono-cultural entrepreneur:

Be a multi-cultural businessman. Lean to run your business without discrimination of people, race, gender, colors, Language, religion or ethnicity.

To build a strong healthy customer relationship, you need to remove Sentiments and fanatics of any kind.

After all money does not speak any language or belong to any relative religion group.

If your company is flourishing, you can print your hand bills and other promotional materials for advertisement in different ethnic language to enhance your customer relationship and market reach.

9 Sell only quality products/services.

Qualities products or services is what will set you apart from your direct or indirect competitors.

Many products floor the market these days but only few of these products that are quality.

Therefore at this time of fake and counterfeiting, do not put your business and customers at risk.

As a business person, don’t go after the cheapness of a product rather after the quality of the product.

Quality products always sell themselves and at same time advertise themselves.

Any product that will damage your reputation or your relationship with your customers avoid it amicably.

10. Don’t go out of stock:

This is very very important. It’s what stopped me from going to a supermarket beside my former office.

They always out of stock.

“Sorry we don’t have it at the moment” is the main language there, and this hurt my feeling so much.

I have no any other option than to stop going there.

The Bitter part of this was that; not only me that have stopped to go there, included my co-workers too.

Therefore you can see how they lost customers because of their lack of having what customers need at a particular time.

It is very dangerous to go out of goods or merchandise that customers want.

It is important you keep tabs on sales-to-Stock ratios.

This will help you to know how much goods you should have in your store.

You may use this ratio on week-to-week bases or month-to-month bases

11. Go beyond standard to satisfy your customers:


If you can add extra value to your customers than your competitors then, you will attract more customers, well recognize and trusted than your competitors which means customers retention, more leads and sales.

If you can go beyond standard to satisfy your customers, they will likely to purchase everything they need from you if you have them.

It accelerate your customers relationship and ease your marketing Journey because most of them will tell their family
and friends about your business.

In fact some of them will come along with them to shop from you.

The reason is everyone need to be well serve and respected, and that is what set success full entrepreneur apart from other entrepreneurs.

They know clearly what is entrepreneur and what is business, or how to run a successful business.

12 Be a man/woman of integrity:

Integrity and honesty will strength the relationship between you and your customers.

An honesty man with faith in his goods is resistible.

Profit comes from building up your business on Sound principles.

Exceed your customers expectations. What you can not do, don’t tell then.

Be a man of trust, one who say do this and is that.

Customers love straight forward person.

They like someone they can rely on, and some one who always sell them original products or render them incredible service.

So if you truly want to build strong customer relationship then make this as your number one priority.

There are a lot more ways to develop a healthy relationship with your customers, or customer relationship but there are some of them above.

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Be genuinely interested in your customers and their needs.

You must have excellent customer service or customer service skills to help you stand out of the crowd.

Finally, in your dealing with people especially your customers always see half-full Cup not half empty cup.

This positive attitude will enhance your customer relationship and your unique selling point.

There you have them all, it’s up to you to apply the customer relationship tips to your business or businesses and don’t forget you can leave your thought and tips below.