Here is an infographic that teaches you everything you need to know to personalize your email marketing and maximize your marketing efforts.

Think about all the emails that you get in one day. How many of them are entirely generic, with no acknowledgment of who you are or why you’re getting the email?

And how many are personalized to the point of making you feel as though the company knows you, understands you, might even be able to intimate your wants and your needs?

If you’re doing it well, your email is the latter, but unfortunately, too many people are doing email with the former strategy.

They’re not able to put personalization into practice and instead throw email out there into the world and hope that it does well.

One of the easiest ways to start with personalizing your email is to break your audience into segments.

That may include some simple ways to delineate different groups — even just by geography, for example.

How else can you make email work better and harder for you? This graphic has some ideas.

How to personalize your email marketing

The Ultimate Paradox: How to Personalize Your Marketing with Email Templates

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