It said that the professions of network architect and network engineer have some similarities, but if we look at the details, both the computer network architect and the engineers are different in terms of their general work duties.

A network architect, like his name, suggests working on the design of various networks.

A network architect will also focus on testing and, to some extent, implementation of the multiple data communication systems when implementing the network design.

A network engineer is a person who oversees the actual implementation of the plan.

These engineers help install and maintain critical networks from one company to another.

Network engineers provide general support and maximum performance for their respective customers.

Network engineers provide solutions to problems that occur in different types of networks, namely LAN, WAN, GAN, MAN, etc.

 What does a Computer network architect do?


A computer network architect is somebody who plans and constructs data communication networks.

These may include local area networks, extensive area networks, and intranets, which may vary from a small connection to a multinational series of globally distributed communications systems.

Computer network architects must have an excellent understanding of an organization’s business plan to design an appropriate network.

They usually work with the organization’s CTO (chief technology officer) to predict where the organization will need more new networks.

The demand for computer network architects will increase as companies continue to expand their use of wireless and mobile networks.

Computer network architects create plans and designs for data communication networks.

They inform the organization they work for where they might need networks and also present and explain why it would benefit the organization to pursue them.

They are also responsible for updating software such as network drivers and hardware, such as adapters or routers.

Computer network architects frequently work with computer systems engineers. Who helped build the network they have planned.

The planning of the implementation of security patches or other countermeasures must be taken into account when designing interfaces in case of vulnerabilities.

Research into new network technologies is also an essential part of the job to better analyses of current traffic data and estimate how growth could affect the network.

What does a Computer Network Engineer do?

Network engineers are responsible for the implementation, maintenance, support, development, and, in some cases, the design of communication networks in a large company or between companies.

Its objective is to guarantee the integrity of the net.

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These data networks might include local area networks (LAN), extensive area networks (WAN), Intranets, and extranets.

The complexity of the system may vary by organization, and the company may have one or more dedicated technicians working with the Director of Technology.

Mike does not. A Network engineer must have the skills they need to know how to communicate, make plans for the network, present themselves to senior management, be at the forefront, understand and determine the hardware and wiring needs of the building, and make sure Mike has it. Make.

Do not mistakenly forward your Star Wars fanfiction to all accounting employees. Network architects and opportunities

 There are numerous job offers for network architects. The most critical employment opportunities are in IT companies.

Most software companies have separate wings for infrastructure design, in which candidates can look for work.

The skilled person may become involved in the field of computer security or information.

Candidates can also attend short-term certification courses to help them improve their employment opportunities.

 Engineer for network and opportunities

 The work area of ​​the network technician and the network engineer is comparatively similar.

As a result, network engineers find opportunities in every company where network architects work.

Network engineers can take on the role of IT support in an organization. Some of the network engineer job profiles may include support technicians, help desk support, Novell support engineers, network administrators, and so on. Job offers offered in both state and private companies.

Salary of a network architects gain

How Much Does a Computer Network Architect Earn? Computer Network Architects made an average salary of $104,650 in 2017.

The best-paid 25 percent earned $132,460 that year, while the lowest-paid 25% made $78,070.

 Salary of network engineers gain

The average Network Engineer salary in the USA is $97,500 per year or $50 per hour. Entry Level Jobs start at $39,000 per year, while most knowledgeable workforces make up to $165,750 per year.

 Main differences between network architects and network engineers

 The task of a network architect is to design the various networks so that, as a network engineer, he is familiar with the multiple technologies and in some way helps with the implementation of the different systems.

Certain administrative functions belong to the profession of network architects, as they are involved in the management of technology providers.

However, the networking profession is primarily concerned with engineering related functions.

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