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What is boss international?

what is boss international?

Boss international is a network marketing a.k.a multi-level marketing (MLM) company founded by Mr. Rommel Tabaniag on January 15, 2018.

Boss already has over 44,000 distributors and a significant number of multi-millionaire network marketers with the aims to share their success stories and inspire the rest of the world.

Boss expand their market to Nigeria this year (2019) and a lot of Nigerians are joining the company, so if you really want to join us this the right time to do so.

Who is the founder/president and the CEO of boss international?

Boss international founder


Boss was founded by Mr. Rommel Tabaniag, a young experience network marketer with his own success stories in network marketing industries.

He has 18 years’ experience in network marketing and he is the president/CEO of boss international.

What is the mission of the company?

The company missions are:

  • To provide equal opportunity for people to create a better life
  • To build success stories in network marketing industries
  • To to create passive income opportunities for people

Boss mission:

They aim to become the most quality, reliable and successful network marketing company in the world.

What are the boss international products?

Boss international products

Boss products are high-quality perfumes which they classified them into 2 categories and they are:

  • The big boss and
  • The lady boss

The big boss consists of the following products:

  • Captain
  • Oxford
  • Dapper
  • Suave and
  • Debonair

While the lady boss consists of the following:

  • Plush
  • Preppy
  • Posh
  • Chic
  • Vogue

All of the products listed above are top-notch products. They are products that worthy of any penny and the products also speak for themselves.

Now, that you have known what is boss international what they into. Let’s begin with how you can become a boss distributor.

How to be a boss distributor or how to join boss international?

For you to join boss international or to become their distributor, all you need to do is to purchase one of their product packages. Take a look at the table below to select your desired packages.

Boss product packages/marketing plans

Boss international packageBoss international package2

How to earn from boss international?

There are 5 ways to earn from boss network marketing business and they are:

Boss international ways to earn

  • Universal bonus pool
  • Direct referral income
  • Pairing income
  • Unilevel income
  • Infinity bonus

Now let’s take them one after the others, so you can know how each of them work.

1. Universal bonus pool (UPL):

This allows each member (distributors) to earn cash without referring or selling of products. It’s done through the company profit in the following:

a. Global linear reward: This is a situation whereby you join the company and didn’t refer anybody to the company and anyone joins the company directly they give you a share of the money paid by the person.

Note: The higher your package the higher your share.

Global linear reward

b. Product sales profit sharing: You will earn UBP income from the product sales of the company. 10% of the product sales of the company will be divided and distributed to all the members.

Product sales profit sharing

c. Sponsor support: This simply means you will earn from your 1st to 3rd upline generation. Any time your upline earn you earn.

Sponsor support 2. Direct referral income:

You earn a commission when you referred any distributor to the company. The commission depends on the package of your referral. Here is the breakdown of it below:

  • Bronze NGN700
  • Silver NGN2,100
  • Gold NGN4,900
  • Platinum NGN10,500
  • Sapphire NGN21,700
  • Ruby NGN44,100
  • Emerald NGN88,900
  • Diamond NGN178,500

That are what you will earn from any of your referrals. The sweet thing about this is that the more you refer the more you will earn.

direct referral income

3. Pairing income:

Earn commission from your left and right group sales and matrix matching. This is done base on p.v (point value) you accumulate. If you have 15p.v left and right you will earn NGN1,050.

You can look at the image below to learn more or know more about how this works.

pairing income

Gifted certificate: Every 5th pair, the point value is automatically converted to 1pt. This will earn you a gift from the company.

pairing income gift

That’s all about pairing income so, let’s move to unilevel income.

4 Unilevel income:

You will earn a commission from your direct line group repurchase. For you to qualify for this earning way, you have to maintain product purchases monthly.

This is open for 30 days for each new member to repurchase products in order to qualify for this earning method.

And if you eventually qualified for unilevel income, you will earn from your 1st to 10th generation of your group repurchased.

unilevel income

Finally, let’s move to the last earning opportunity called infinity bonus.

5. Infinity bonus:

This earning opportunity has special requirements before you can start enjoy infinity bonus and here are the requirements; you need to join from silver package upward or upgrade from bronze to any high packages plus 3 direct referrals.

Then you will earn from your 1st two invitees of your 3rd and so on directs… Do you understand what I mean by that statement? You may take look at this image below closely to understand how infinity bonus works.

infinity bonus

Boss international awards

The company has won over six difference awards in network marketing industries. The awards are:


Wrap up

As you can see, the boss international is a reliable and trustful network marketing company with a lot of benefits and income methods. With this company, you can archive your dream in no time.

Do you hear what people are saying about boss? I’m a proud boss. You can join my team now let’s make the money together.

See what these people below have said about boss;

I signed up with BOSS last year 2018. My total rewards right now are already 5M pesos.  At first, I was pessimistic if this company is going to work out, cause we started without products, office, legalities, and payouts are to follow. But you know what? I thank the person who invited me here, I thank God for this opportunity and thank myself for believing this company.  This company taught me to be very patient, and it really strengthens my faith. Blessed are those who do not see the impossible but still believe in it. Great things take time. er you Tag Line text here
Jojie S

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