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Core brand values

Any business owner who’s looking to brand their endeavor needs to understand that branding is so much more than just slapping a brand name and image onto their business.

Core brand values are arguably the most important aspect of branding a business.

Not only will they act as a guiding light in your business efforts but they also present the core of your brand in itself.

That being said, it might seem a bit clearer now why they need to be put front and center.

But in order to fully understand the importance as well as the impact of defining your core brand values, we need to dig a bit deeper.

What are the core brand values?

In order to be able to define core brand values, we first need to see what branding actually is.

Simply put, branding is a marketing practice where a business creates a name, symbol and/or design, color scheme and even a logo that all present that business.

Branding is most commonly done so that the audience can easily recognize and associate with a business without necessarily having to see the name of the business per se.

For instance, if you see a yellow M anywhere, you already know it most likely stands for a McDonald’s restaurant, as the brand is already well-established.

Core brand values are all the things you associate with your brand. They should be present in your brand’s look, message and everything else your brand does.

Not managing to include your brand values in all aspects of your brand will potentially have some negative consequences.

How to define them for your business?

When trying to define core brand values for your business, ask yourself what’s the message you’re trying to send with your business.

Also, define how you want your business to be perceived. In order to be able to do so, you first need to discover your true values.

You can do this by listing all the things (values) that are important to you personally.

Trust, respect, independence, and quality are usually excellent starting points. However, do keep in mind that the majority of brands will also probably start with these.

So, you need to identify what makes you (and your brand) stand out from the crowd and include those values as well.

If one of your strongest points is your customer satisfaction, make that a core value of your brand.

But, be careful; once you define your brand’s core values and make them front and center of your business, you must avoid neglecting them when doing business from that point on.

Otherwise, you will be setting your brand up for failure which is not something any business owner is aiming at.

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How does defining your core brand values affect your business?

By clearly defining your core values and making them the center of your branding efforts, you will not only make your business more appealing to your customers, but you’ll also define the way you do business in general.

For instance, if a business is marketed as reliable, independent and punctual, it better deliver on all of those aspects.

And those values will help you stay on the right track and show you the clear way in which you need to approach the manner in which you conduct your business in general.

A great example of this is the AskGamblers portal. Their brand mission is to provide their audience with accurate and current information regarding the world of gambling.

Transparency, fair play, trust, independence, and quality are the core values of their business, which is definitely something the audience would expect from a business such as this one.

And by making sure that they deliver everything that they’ve promised to their audience, they ensure their own business’s relevancy on the market.

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How do your core brand values affect your audience?

As mentioned, businesses that have strongly and clearly defined core brand values need to keep all those values in mind at all times.

The reason is rather simple. An individual looking to hire, let’s say, a particular service will most likely research the business providing those services prior to hiring them.

If the individual was promised quality, fast and reliable service but was not actually presented with it, the individual will – understandably – be very displeased.

On the other hand, if they were to receive what was promised to them – and maybe even a bit extra – they will be very likely to recommend your business to their family and friends.

And since word-of-mouth still present one of the most reliable and valued forms of marketing – at least when the audience is concerned – it becomes quite obvious why you should do all in your power to make your business earn such a valid advantage.

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In the modern business world, being able to push your endeavor ahead of your competition and reach your target audience is of the utmost importance.

However, if you don’t have anything of value to offer to them that will set your business aside from all the rest that are just like it, this race will pretty much be in vain.

That being said, if you do have excellent brand core values in place, you will have a fighting chance at reaching and even being able to retain your audience.

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