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Do you want to know what is facebook marketing? Or you want to learn more about Facebook marketing? If so, then this is the best content to do so.

Because this article contains definition of Facebook marketing, types and reason you should start Facebook advertising if you haven’t yet started.

Facebook is one of the most effective and converting marketing platform these days.

Statistics show that Facebook has over 2 billion active users per month.

So as people are moving to this social platform likewise to business too. That made it the best place to market products or services.

But you may have a little budge about what is Facebook marketing? If so here’s what is facebook marketing and reason to start Facebook advertising.

What is Facebook marketing?

What is Facebook marketing? Expert views 3Image by Kevin Phillips from Pixabay

Facebook marketing is the process of promoting your products or services on Facebook to its wider audience.

Tons of marketers are killing it with this social platform. It worthy trying and this can be done in 2 ways;

  • Free facebook marketing and
  • Paid facebook marketing

Free Facebook marketing is the process of promoting your products or services on Facebook without paying a single dine.

You can markets your products to any corners of Facebook without spending a single dine but it may not be discovered by the right prospects.

That’s why Facebook came up with the paid ads.

Paid ads: This is the process of promoting your products or services by facebook to show your offer to relevant customers or people who may likely purchase your offer.

Facebook paid advertising is a game-changer, a lot of business depends on this to generate traffics, leads and sales.

Every creative digital marketers use Fb paid ads to maximize their marketing aims.

You know why? It is more specific, targeted, and it actually converts like crazy.

If you are doing free marketing on facebook, it’s possible for you to make sales but you can’t get enough compared to paid marketing.

Because they will help you with a lot of tools to track your campaign to know the click rate, engagement rate and the numbers of people that saw your ad.

As we’ve known what is facebook marketing, and its categories, so let take a look at the type of facebook marketing.

Types of facebook marketing

If you ask any expert FB marketers, how many types of Facebook marketing? They would quickly tell you 2 types (paid and free).

But I split them into six which means there are six types of facebook marketing and here they are;

  • Profile marketing
  • Group marketing
  • Messenger marketing
  • Intrude marketing
  • Business/fan page marketing and
  • Paid marketing (sponsor content)

Profile marketing:

This is the process of advertising your products and services in a systematic and entice way on your profile.

You can do this by post your offer on your profile for your friends and follower to see it if they like it they buy, or make engagements.

When you update your profile status with your products or affiliate links, that’s what is called facebook profile marketing.

You can take a look at the screenshot below to picture what exactly I’m talking about.

facebook profile marketing sample

Group marketing:

This has already explained itself.

For you to make the best out of fb group advertising, you have to create and join other related groups to your offers.

It’s difficult to make a sale when you market digital marketing courses on relationship groups, but very easy on entrepreneurs, business and advertising groups.

Facebook Messenger marketing:

Messenger advertising is one of the most effective and converting fb ads.

You know why? Hell no right? I will tell you, it because your message/offer goes directly to your prospects and customer’s inbox.

So it increase open rate, click rate which may lead to more leads and sales.

Intrude marketing:

Facebook intrude marketing simply means posting your offer at the comment section of the most engaging post on Fb.

This may be looking spamming or annoying but it actually converts well.

Warning: Don’t spam people because you want to generate sales, only post on relevant and engaging post related to your offer, that would be the only way you wouldn’t get people annoying or boring.

facebook comment ads

Business/fan page marketing:

This is one of the most effective and productive facebook advertising.

When you post content on your page it will be seen by people who liked or followed the page.

But you can only maximize this by acquired huge likes.

The business page represents your business on facebook.

So treat it like your real business so that it can yield your income like a business.

Paid ads:

Facebook paid ads are a pay-per-click (PPC) or cost-per-click (cpc) kind of advertising.

You will only pay when your ad got clicked.

It is a targeted promotion, meaning your ad will show to your targeted audience.

People that have an interest in your offers, you’re no longer post anonymously hoping for people to take action.

So it increases conversion rate, leads, and sales than any other type of fb marketing.

Reason you should start facebook advertising

The most superiors reason to start facebook adverts is that it boost sales and increase business popularity.

I hope by now you have known what is a facebook marketing, type, categories and it benefits.

Do feel free to leave your thought below

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