Writing online becomes one of the lucrative opportunities to make money online these days. As a freelancer writer, there’re many opportunities online nowadays that you can make at least $2,000 per month.

I’m serious, there’re hundreds of opportunities out there for writers.

But the problem is how to identify the right opportunities to get started with.

So in this article, you will discover some reliable platforms that usually fulfill their promises and start monetizing your writing skills.

Before I could move further, if you can’t take action or neither read this article step by step.

Then don’t waste my precious time, exist this page immediately.

Are you a writer looking for a way or ways to monetize your writing skills?

Do you have quality articles but don’t know where to exchange them for money?

Then you’re in the right place.

I have compiled a list of writing online opportunities and how you can start to earn right now.

So let’s dive into the main content.

Top 2 writing online opportunities you can start right now

There is a lot of writing online opportunities out there but for the purpose of this article we would only consider two ways.

These two ways you need not to invest any money to get started and they would make you money constantly.

I means month by months, so let’s begin…

1. Guest blogging

guest blogging

Image by kai kalhh from Pixabay

Guest blogging is one the best writing online opportunity that can fetch you real money.

If you can’t manage a blog of your own here’s opportunity or you just started blogging and want to make extra money along the way then this writing opportunity is for you.

Or you have good writing skills and you want to monetize that writing skills online then this writing job is for is what you are actually looking for.

You can make thousands of dollars every month from this work from home job.

There are many mega websites out there their owners can’t handle or provide all fresh contents to their readers anymore.

So they need someone like you to write for them in exchange for money.

This is how Guest blogging work, you will write for top bloggers and they would pay you for guest posting on their blogs.

A post may cost $5-$1,500. It totally depends on the quality and the relevant of the article you have created.

Before we can get to the list of the websites that you can get started with.

Let’s take a look at some online writing job tips.

5 writing online job tips

  1. Make sure to read the guest posting or gust blogging guidelines of the website you want to write for in-depth, so that you can create copy that can get approved
  2. Join the website that share article around your expertise so that you can thrive with them
  3. Read their contents so that you can create contents that match their contents structure
  4. Write quality contents that would attract editors and readers
  5. Become one of the most loyal fans of the website you’re admiring to work for, so that you will know what they could publish.

Try to implement all the tips above. They are very helpful.

Here’re some of the websites you can start your guest blogging career.

20 website you can get started right now

Like I said it earlier, do not join any of this website because of money.

Join them because of the value you have to offer.

1. Write naked

Niche: Writing

Payment: $50-$200 per article

2. A list apart

Niche: Internet

Payment: $200 per article

3. International living

Niche: Living overseas

Payment: $250-$400 per article

4. Tree house

Niche: web design/freelancing

Payment: $100-$400 per article

5. Metro parents

Niche: parenting

Payment: $35-$350 per article

6. Belts magazine

Niche: Rust belt

Payment: $50-$500 per article

7. Back to college

Niche: Education

Payment: $75-$135 per article

8. eCommerce insiders

Niche: ecommerce

Payment: $75-$150 per article

9. The penny hoarder

Niche: finance

Payment: $75-$800 per article

10. Income diary

Niche: make money online

Payment: $50-$500 per article

11. A find parent

Niche: parenting

Payment: $100-$300 per article

12. Code Tusts

Niche: programming

Payment: $100-$250 per article

13. Wp tutst+

Niche: WordPress

Payment: $60-$500 per article

14. Model railroad hobbyist

Niche: Model railroads

Payment: $230-$1,000 per article

15. Site point

Niche: web development, graphic design, finance and more

Payment: $150-$300 per article

16. The American ceramic society

Niche: ceramics

Payment: $25-$950 per article

17. Your online biz

Niche: Business/marketing

Payment: $100 per article

18. Photoshop tutorials

Niche: Photoshop

Payment: $150-$300 per article

19. Cracked

Niche: tech, comedy, pop culture, lifestyle

Payment: $100 per article

20. Howl Round

Niche: Theater practice

Payment: $50-$150 per article

The websites listed above are great place you can get start writing in exchange for money.

There’re a lot of more sites that out there pay guest bloggers to contribute articles on their websites.

That’s all about guest blogging for now, so let’s move to second online writing opportunity.

2. Join Medium.com

writing online on medium

Medium is one of the greatest authority website out there with quality publications, tons of expert writers and millions of readers per months.

It’s the best place to learn, to make money as a writer, and at same time to educate others.

At medium.com, a single article can net you over $2,000 per month.

If you wrote a great copy, you will get good return.

By the way, before we could move further, let’s know a little about medium.

What is medium?

Medium is an online publication site that allows writers from various field/topics to share their experience and stories to it wider audience.

Medium is one of the top huge websites in the world.

You can see this image below to know what I’m exactly taking about.

writing online on medium

That to show you how popular is medium. So publishing your article on medium is a huge opportunity.

medium traffic analysis

It increases popularity and more earning but you need to create quality copies, if you want to maximize the opportunity medium present.

How to make money writing articles on medium

Here’re six steps to start writing on medium and make money.

  1. Join medium partner program
  2. Connect your stripe account to your medium partner program account.
  3. If you don’t have existing stripe account then create one and connect it.
  4. Read some high performance articles on medium to find out what the authors did right
  5. Read people comments/responses on medium most engaged articles to find out what the readers needs or are battle with.
  6. Provide medium your tax details in order to be able to receive your earnings.

If you have done with all of them, then you’re set to start.

You can now start creating your appealing articles that readers can’t resist to click through, read through and not only that, also make engage.

Quick tips:

  1. Treat medium like a job so that it can pay you like a job
  2. Treat it like a business so that it can pay you like a business
  3. Treat medium like employer so that can pay you like employee

The reasons behind these three statements above, is that anything you are taking serious must take you serious someday.

Some facts you need to know about medium

  1. Medium incorporate thousands of writers so thriving in this platform depends on writing quality copies.
  2. It’s a non-ads platform which generate it income through $5/month or $50/year membership fees.
  3. How did medium pay their associate writers? They use the members subscription fees to pay writers by the following factors; numbers of clapped, reads time, and responses by your readers.

This means that, the more medium paid member engaged with your contents, the more money you will make.

That sound simple right? It is, but you absolutely need to create what worth your readers clapped.

Note: You will only earn money on medium, if their paid member engages with your contents.


Writing online isn’t cheap as you may think because both the owners and the readers of the websites you want to write for are all up for quality articles.

So to avoid your article got rejected. You have to implement all the online writing job tips above.

Don’t be panic, many are enjoying doing this, and you too can.

Just take a look at this page on medium to see what people are earning writing online on medium.

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If you have any question or contribution, leave a comment below.

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