Many people are looking for ways to make money online, work from home, do a kind of work they will have time with their family and friends and make a steady income online.

If you are one of them great news for you because you are in the right place.

We would go to discuss 3 major ways to make money online as far as you’re ready to start making money online.

To make money online know not easy as you may think of and not that hard as you may thought of.

But when you know the genuine ways, it’s easy as eating shawarma.

They are many ways to make money online but some of them may not fetch you real money.

If you’re planning to quit your day job to start online business or work from home, then this are 3 online work, you should consider.

ways to make money online

3 Easiest ways to make money online

  1. Start a blog:

Blogging is one of the major ways to make money online and if I’m not mistaking, it’s the biggest opportunity on the go.

What is a blog?

A blog is a platform in which you can use to share your passion, knowledge and expertise to the whole world.

By sharing your passion and expertise with people, you can make a lot of money that ways because the more you’re willingly to help people the more you’re helping yourself too.

To become a blogger is the simplest way to earn real money from home, compare to any other online job out there.

When you become a blogger, you aren’t going to work 5-9hrs per day anymore, you will work at your comfortable time and from your comfortable home or anywhere you like!

But remember, blogging takes time before you start making real money.

In that way i suggest you should jump into this business slowly, don’t quit your job at this step until it’s mature to yield you more money than your daily job.

Who blogging is for?

Blogging is for people who love writing and would be happy to share their knowledge and expertise with the whole world.

Tips on how to become a great blogger

  • Start a blog about something you are really good at and passionate about
  • Try to use your knowledge, experience and expertise, to create a high quality and helpful content to your readers.

How to monetize your blog

  • You can monetize your blog by promoting, recommending products and writing a review about products and services which is done through by placing your affiliate links in your contents.
  • AdSense (E.g. Google AdSense, ad-thrive,, wordad, etc.)
  • E-book etc. It also depends on your creativity.

You can consider affiliate program which pay a high commission at least from 20%-75%, like awebar, getrespond pioneer, affiliate program and leadpage affiliate program. You can check this list of high ticket affiliate programs.

With these affiliate programs above you can generate perfect money from them.

  1. Start YouTube channel

youtube channel

Image by USA-Reiseblogger from Pixabay

With the growing rate of YouTube and opportunity YouTube present this days, you can leverage that opportunity too as others are making dollars every minute!

YouTube gets almost over 5 billion video views per day which shows how tall it is on the internet.

You might have or have being watching videos on YouTube, as you are watching the video the creator is earning some money.

The more you watch the more money the creator of the video gets. Some artiste, entertainer and instructor are making at least $2000 a day.

You too can generate that kind of amount or even more, depending on what you render to your viewer.

To start a YouTube channel is one cheapest ways to make money online and it needs no investments.

Who YouTube channel is suitable for?

Youtube channel is suitable for someone who is capable of creating well informative, entertaining or tutorial video on any relevant topic(s).

Here’s how to create your own youtube channel;

~ visit, sign in with your google email, go to menu bar, you will see the option to create your channel.

Note: You have to read the term and conditions of youtube in other to perform well with their platform.

How to monetize your youtube channel

Before thinking of monetizing your youtube channel, you have to upload some video first.

The general rules of monetizing a youtube channel are supper easy. The more views your video get the more money you will make.

You can monetize your channel in the following ways;

  • Youtube partnership program
  • Through affiliate marketing; you can do this by adding your affiliate links to the description of your video, but don’t put too much links to keep your channel save, rank higher on youtube and search engine. Remember your affiliate link should be relevant to your video. E.g. If your video review the quality of difference gadgets, then you can place a link that leads them to the store where they can purchase the gadgets
  • Drive traffic to your sale pages

3. Social media marketing:

Social media marketing is the process of marketing your products and services to social media wider audience.

Social media marketing is a huge opportunity this day. A lot of marketers are making a living by doing this.

You know how crowd social media are this day, so it brings tons of opportunities you can leverage.

Social media marketing is a good way of making money online but a lot of people are doing this for free without knowing that they’re losing money.

When you used to recommend people or organizations products and services without them paying you then you have to stop it, it’s not good for you.

The data, phone or PC you are using, you paid for it.

If you’re familiars with Facebook, twitter, Pinterest, WhatsApp, Instagram, LinkedIn etc. You can make tons of money every day.

Many are using this platform to racking thousands of dollars every month, you too can.

Who social media marketing is suitable for?

  • People who love to use social media regularly
  • Who can create promotional campaign on difference social media platforms
  • Who is capable of persuading his/her audience to buy from them or to take actions
  • And lastly, for patience people. Because it may take time to make you real money.

How to monetize

Before starting to monetize your social platforms, you need to have the right audience and find out what actually needs.

  • You can monetize your social platforms with affiliate marketing or by selling your products or services
  • Promote ppa (pay per action) program such as survey, installation of apps or software and downloadable products
  • Promote your blog posts that are with affiliate links and adsences.

When you do all of these or choose the one which suit you, there is no way you will not make real money online. Talk soon.

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