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Many people have been overwhelmed with one life problem or the other. Some fought until they overcome and some give up (lost the battle).

This to tell us human being that, some people are overcomer and others are looser or quitter.

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What is a life problems?

Life problem is a type of problem that you’re facing as if as it will go to kill you, destroy your life, damage your future or scatter your plans.

You may face problem in all aspects of your life, it may be financial problem, marriage, success, education, work, family or religion’s life etc.

Life problem are unmeasurable because your problem maybe differ from the other people’s own.

What kind of problem are you facing right now?

Why do you like to quit? Or do you like to conquer the problem?

If yes, then read on we’re right here to discuss six special way to handle critical problems.

If you like to give up, don’t that yet there is a solution, God is there for you and he already deposited some techniques in you to handle any life impediments.

This post will feature a some of inspire stories that will override the process.

You must open up to learn from others mistake and how they handle their difficult problems.

Also you need to take action after reading this article, because you can’t bring change to your problem without act on it.

So I beg you to read this article bit by bit, because it would help you.

Are you ready to solve your life problem? If so let’s begin……

6 Sure ways to solve life problem easily

6 Ways to handle difficult problems

1. Prayer

Prayer is the most fertile methodology to handle any life difficulties.

It remain the only potential tool to surmounted an impediments.

A man of prayer is an overcomer. You and i need it to overcome every challenge we battle in life.

In this world right now, most things you’re seems aren’t ordinary, so you need to be more spiritual strong to tackle breaking-points.

Don’t deal with difficult problems without genuine prayer.

When you do, you may regret it but my prayer is that, you will not regret anything in your life from now on.

2. Action

Action is one of the best tool to melt any impediments.

Scriptures let’s know that, if we’ve faith we can command mountain to move, it will moved.

But what you to note from that verse of scripture is that, until we command (action) before it can be moved.

Which means you must take action to get things done.

Scriptures also let’s know that, a faith without work (action) is death.

These instance above prove that Jesus and apostle Paul let’s to know that action is the key to victory.

Action is a vital weapon to handle difficult problems.

Take a look at this quote below carefully.

Prayer plus Action yield an awesome results and a prayer without Action cause unfaithfulness Click To Tweet

Do you agree with the quote above? To me, that is the best quote ever. You know why?, It’s real.

When some people have problem all they have to do is to pray and wait for magic to happen.

Which may not happen and that can cause them not to believe God anymore.

After prayed concerning your life problem, act on it and keep on pushing it bit by bit, one you will overcome.

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3. Keep on pushing

The most reason why many people can’t achieve their dreams is because they’re quitter or easily give up.

Some didn’t achieve their dreams before they left this world, because all areas of their life was full of u-turn.

Immediately they face an obstacle here, they do u-turn, if they experience another one, they turn, until the time is gone.

The only way you can overcome any challenges is to keep on pushing it with all your strength.

This reminds me of my friend John, he told me during my secondary School, David, I can’t continue with my studies anymore and I asked him why?

The young man reply, School is hard, he can’t continue any more, rather he will go and learn electrical work.

Fine, that’s good but make sure you finish it. Yes I’ll.

Faithfully he started the training successfully and one month later he came back to tell me that, he can’t continue anymore.

I asked; why?

The master is too harsh, I don’t want to die before my time and I’m no longer going back there.

John do you know that all the days you spent will be a waste, if don’t go back?

Yes I knew and I don’t mind.

I tried to convince him to get back to his training but all my efforts to no avail.

To cut the story short, in five months later, his trainees mate graduated successfully from the program.

At their graduation party of their master client employed all of them.

No interview, no I will get back to you. That’s how their life changed for good.

The insight of the story was that, John the quitter became a daily helper for his former fellow trainees.

What a life?, He began to regret his actions, why not continue with the training.

What do you John story?

What is that thing that hook you and you want to quit? Don’t do that, quitter always a loser.

No matter how difficulties are, I you can keep on pushing with faith, one day, it will fade away.

Whether you’re financial broke, keep on, you’re in academic, marriage sage etc, keep on pushing.

Don’t give up, keep on pushing.

Anything that become your nightmare, keep on hitting it until you surmounted the obstacle.

Nothing in this world last forever.

If you ever watch John Cena match, you will realize this, no matter how his opponent beat him, he will never give up.

That’s why he most successful wrestler in the world.

Endurers are the achievers and wavers are looser.

Apply this tip to all your problems and I bet you, you will always a victorious.

Finally answer this question without yourself.

You are John or John fellow trainees?

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4. Invest in yourself

You can woke in the morning and change your life problem.

You have to battle the obstacle until you overcome it but do you know why most people failed to overcome their problems?

It because they don’t have the right knowledge to handle the obstacles.

Assuming your academic become your nightmare, which means no matter how you try, you’re still failing.

The only way to get out of that hoodoos is to invest in yourself by acquire more knowledge and trick from other academic successfully experts.

If your marriage become a problem, go marriage cancelling units to more human relations skills.

It also applicable to any other problems you can imagine.

If you’re facing financial situation or your battling to eradicate poverty.

And no matter how you try it’s still there. You have hungry by day, month by month or year by year and you’re working but nothing to show for it.

Then I urge you to invest in yourself to gain more knowledge that will propel you to high job.

How can you do this?

Join a prolific financial program(s). A program that talk about money because you remain in the same environment you’re and expect a change.

Those friends that you keep for years and they can’t bring a change to your situation, leave them and get new friends that have the same mindset with you.

In any unmovable life obstacles, you feel like, it’s impossible to overcome, invest in yourself with more, you will handle them easily.

5. Determination and focus

Everything you want to achieve in life or any life you want to live is depends on your determination and focus.

This could remind me of when I was planning to seek admission into higher institution, I decided to consult my uncle, all he has to tell me was that, An orphan like you can’t go to higher institution.

I told my friends they laughed at me bitterly and after that, they gave me worse advise i ever had in my entire life.

But I knew quiet well that I have a problem, the way to change the problem is to acquire advance skills that I will use to turn around my problems.

So, I don’t mind my uncle and that of my friends advise.

I contacted someone I knew in the school prefer to gain admission to.

I plead the guy to give estimate of the school expenses of which he did.

I have already make up my mind to go to school that year.

My uncle and my friends they viewed it from my financial situation but I didn’t viewed it as that, because I have strong feeling that if can start, i will graduate successfully.

So inflate the cost estimate they guy gave me by 5%, so that, the 5% would become backbone.

After i have pen downed my plan for 3 years will go spend in college successfully.

I shifted all my attention to how i will get the money.

I gave myself a deadline, luckily I achieved my target the deadline i set for myself.

That’s how I found myself in school and to God be the glory, I graduate peacefully.

If your determination and focus is strong enough, there’s no life problem you can’t handle.

If I can prove to my uncle and friends that i can do it, you too can.

6. Violence

Shuh! Violence? Yes, you had me well.

Violence is also a medicine to difficult problems.

In this case you will not going to fight physical but with wisdom and at the same time it may be physical to pull of some chaos.

Some obstacles, soft people can never handle them, they only submitted to rugged fellow.

For instance, if your spouse become your nightmare, you need this tactics.

Marriage siege doesn’t require soft hand, it require iron hand.

If your spouse doesn’t value you, try to prove to him/her your worth.

A lady i love with all my heart and showed excess love to. She took me like a chaff or rag.

I keep on pleading her but the more i plead her the more she hurt me.

The kind of love i had for her, i can’t afford to loose her.

So i went close to her very good friend and made an arrangement with her to pretend as my girl friend.

I and her friend now begin to go outing, move around with our self, and the funny part was that, we actually kissing on her present.

We pretend to be a best love. To cut the story short, on one faithful day, she stopped her friend and started to caution her to stay away from her man.

Her friend asked, which of your man are you talking about? She replied DAVID.

Oh! so you mean my future husband is your man? Yes he is, he can never be your husband he is my forever not yours fake friend.

Since then she now realized that i’m value to another woman and she came to me for reconciliation.

From then till now she remain royal and humble than any other woman i have ever met.

The lesson is, if i were continue pleading her, the issue for remain where it was.

Some life problems need iron hand or energetic wisdom to handle.

This work for any life problem, it just depend on how you use violence as problem solving tool.


Any problem you’re going through, pray through, cry through and surfer through, never give up.

keep on pushing, keep on moving on and keep on working, one day everything will turn around for your favor.

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