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Follow this actionable tips to get prospects for your Jamalife network business. If you find it hard to get prospects for your network business.

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With the negative mind set of people about network marketing, made it more complex to get that prospects you are so desire.

So let’s rob mind together today.

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Here are 11 actionable tips for you to get prospects

1. You have to join first

If you are not a member yet, you have to join so that you can able to earn from the network.

2. Understand how Jamalife helpers global work

This is the best thing to do.

You have to learn how Jamalife work from stage 1 down to the infinite stage, how to register New members and how to navigate from one page of Jamalife website to other.

So that you can boldly explain it to your target prospects without any barrier.

3. Pen down names of people you know they could join

4. Don’t speak to them at the first time, send them the promotional material provided by the company or team leader.

5. Use top social media sites to get more prospects

Join many business, make money online, and network marketing group on Facebook.

6. Share your business in the groups everyday, if possible 2 time a day.

7. Use the following sentences (questions)

➡ This is how I made $600 everyday, If you are interested ask me how?.

➡ Are you frustrated on how to make money online? I have solution for you. Drop your WhatsApp number in the comment section etc.

8. Do follow up on those you have talked to before (at least 3 times a week)

9. Consistency is key, (meaning do it regularly)

10. Don’t be afraid to talk to more people everyday.

11. Treat it like business so that, it would pay you like business.

Please apply these tips, don’t sit on it take action, you will surely get massive results.

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How to get prospects for Jamalife network business 3

So I just finished reading Network Marketing Secrets cover-to-cover…and my mind was blown.
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If you’ve ever thought to yourself:

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