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Here are 88 quotes for self motivation that can help you regain your spirit of “pushing on”.  There are millions of quotes out there but not all of them are for self courage. This is why  i and my friend prince agu  bring these words of courage today. So here’re self motivation quotes


Powerful Quotes For Self motivation part 1

1. I would set my eyes on the reward of my labor and not the labor itself until my crowning day Click To Tweet 2. The Prize belongs to the man who can pay whatever price success demands. Click To Tweet 3. When I'm tired I'll lay down a bit to raise with force until I attain. Click To Tweet 4. Today is the day after yesterday to raise up and conquer procrastination for I am destination conscious. Click To Tweet 5. I know that those heights reached by great souls we're not because they we're never tired but because they never gave up, so I'm determined to keep going however tired my bones and heavy my eyes. Click To Tweet 6.Why should my eyes know any sleep? When my visions are brighter than the day. Click To Tweet 7. If I cannot stand for this little responsibility to the end then how can I prove my worthiness to accept my glorious reward. Click To Tweet 8. If I can get to this point in the first place it will be insanity to go back now and loose all those precious times. Click To Tweet 9. I am too convinced to complain, I am too connected to my purpose that adversities are just unreality. Click To Tweet 10. I laughed at them when they told me to quit, for if they knew me, they would had known that I would never settle for anything less than what I saw Click To Tweet

Powerful Quotes For Self motivation part 2

11. I do not walk by sight but by the greater unseen realities of faith which are clearer to me. Click To Tweet 12. I will never settle until I reestablish that which I saw Click To Tweet 13. What is this weakness? but a pointer that I'm in the right track Click To Tweet 14. impossible is a word found only in the dictionaries of fools. Click To Tweet 15. You are not a failure because you have failed many times or about to fail even now but I see a champion who always keeps rising so get up one more time my hero and forge ahead. Click To Tweet 16. Character is not only the virtue of gods, it is a gem found in little tasks completed, so I say complete that which you are at now. Click To Tweet 17. There is a joy that is not easy to come by that cannot be seen on the streets nor known in the liquor parlor and that is the joy and satisfaction of a task completed of a goal realized. Click To Tweet 19. Let you past fade away in the hot pursuit of the glorious future while you maximize the only asset given to you as: The Present. Click To Tweet 20. THIS IS NOT THAT, I SHALL NEVER REST UNTIL I SECURE THAT I FIRST SAW AND LOVED. Click To Tweet 21. That beautiful destination is only attained by that beautiful soul that knows no limits. Click To Tweet 22. March off your boundaries and explore your world, discover that unique place that belongs to you alone. Click To Tweet 23. OH! If only men knew that it is at their greatest trying hours that they must never quit for their glorious destination is just a stone throw away. Click To Tweet

24. Mother Nature has beautifully taught me that the crown does not belong to those noble souls who never fails but those who never quits.

25. If I can see just one reason to keep on going then it is far superior to one million reasons to quit. Click To Tweet 26. Experience has taught me that life is a no respecter of persons but personalities that has stood out despite all odds. Click To Tweet

27. Any personality that does not inspire humanity is vanity.

28. If you turn back now what will you tell the boy of your youth that believed so much on the man you will become someday so make today count. Click To Tweet 29. When I looked back all this years I realized that my breakthroughs we're hidden on all those little tasks I failed to complete, so I vowed never to let anymore task uncompleted however insignificant it is. Click To Tweet 30. My joy is full for I'm now responsible enough to be resolute for the results I seek. Click To Tweet 31. I have falling many times by my miracles in my rising. Click To Tweet 32. If you want to make God happy then keep going even when your heart says you cannot resist, for He is greater than our hearts, for this is true Faith and the living in Faith. Click To Tweet 33. Little things add up and to create the wonderful whole so I dare to ask myself what is my attitude towards this little task at hand. Click To Tweet 34. If you can show me a man faithful in completing small tasks to the end then I will show you a man who is bound to succeed. Click To Tweet

Powerful Quotes For Self motivation part 3

88 Powerful Quotes For Self motivation Click To Tweet 36. The day I started to live was the day I restored moral integrity, little did I know it was one more task; the most important one resolutely completed, and my life became one of continues completing of tasks and my life just… Click To Tweet 38. I had searched for success all through the early days of my life little did I know it will lead me back to where I started to know the joy of completing anything I once begun. Click To Tweet 39. Success is not in the end but in the daily completion of the process. Click To Tweet 40. I see the goal so clear that it is not only what I see when I close my eye but the thing that keeps my eye's from closing. Click To Tweet 41. Today is the day after yesterday to begin again after the last fall, see it as the present and utilize it like you never did before. Click To Tweet 42. I have seen the paths of the great it is expensive but possible for you too if you have just learnt their simple formula of never quit. Click To Tweet 43. Good meal takes more time to prepare that is why the cook who makes it never gives up until it is served that is what makes it good so I ask you again what type of meal are you making with your life? Click To Tweet 44. Sorrow befriends only those that does not want to embrace the joy of self discipline found only in a job well-done to completion. Click To Tweet 45. Joy oh! Joy so sweet is the maid of the working hands not that she works but that she works to the end until the end do us part. Click To Tweet 46. But I decided to soar but my wings are attached to the hard works I must complete, could that be why this flight has been so elusive to me all this while, the earlier I start the quicker my flight no more delays. Click To Tweet 47. Show me the man that burns his bridges once his sail are set and I will show you the man that will invariably arrive no matter the blowing of the winds. Click To Tweet 48. Stick-to-it-tive-ness has never been for those who finds happiness in the middle of the way and retires with the low souls of life, I dare you to stand up and stand out. Click To Tweet 49. The prove of passion is in it pursuit for you can never be passionate about one thing and yet pursues another, say to your self quitting is not part of the agenda. Click To Tweet 88 Powerful Quotes For Self motivation Click To Tweet 51. My eyes has beheld a wonderful ideal, which cannot be affected by any contrary deal. Click To Tweet 52. The only thing that must keep me going even when people around me think that I am insane is what I saw when they thought I was sane. Click To Tweet 53. Circumstances may mock me but I will not mock my dreams. Click To Tweet 54. It's not a big deal that people laugh at me but that they got me to laugh at myself and yet I kept going. Click To Tweet 55. My future is too bright to be beheld by an ordinary eyes that is why it sometimes don't make sense on why I keep pushing. Click To Tweet 56. If I must let go let it be after my arrival, for there is a time for everything, but as for now I must succeed. Click To Tweet 57. I have come to know that quitting times does not necessary mean that one has to quit but a call for rest and faster strike. Click To Tweet 58. I don't need any more books nor prayers nor change all I am is enough to begin and excel. Click To Tweet

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59. All my negativity are mine and I'm proud of them if not for anything else but the opportunity to begin with them now. Click To Tweet 60. It's only when it's so painful that I feel like I must quit that, I am assured that it is so gainful for me to continue. Click To Tweet 61. My father told me of a story of a certain man who had a view different view from any one else, who stuck with it until his pessimistic folks started begging him for bread in the future when that one idea they could had been… Click To Tweet 62. The best decision you can make today is to work for your self every other ventures is on shaking ground. Click To Tweet

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63. Nothing kills me the most to know deep within me that the future I desire is controlled by another especially when he still requests to be called boss therefore, I decided to work harder and longer until I have full control of… Click To Tweet 64. You will not be consistent until you find that one thing that you just can't live without that is when your life has just begun and you will experience the joys of not quitting. Click To Tweet 65. My life has not been a perfect one like yours that is the only thing that keeps me hopeful, for how does one hope for what he already has that is the beauty of life, the hope to live on. Click To Tweet

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66. I have come to full realization that at some point in life you just have to examine those and things you look up to so as to climb up. Click To Tweet 67. If every one calls you a failure it doesn't matter but what do you call yourself? This is proven by the late nights commitment and keeping to the appointment time. Click To Tweet 68. Although we have to know when to start, how long to stick on and when to quit but I salute that man who see's quitting as temporary rest and dusts his back from the ground with no regards for his background, he forges ahead… Click To Tweet 69. If men only know that the angels are his messengers he will never stop commanding the life he desires. Click To Tweet

Powerful Quotes For Self motivation part 4

70. Your life is a product of your desire and you can change it at anytime but do not spend your life seeking change, pursue success and when pains are enough and full, change will come and you'll have the comforts to live the… Click To Tweet 71. I know that sometimes the fatigue is so high and the tiredness is challenging and quitting and calling it a day seems the best option but we must never give no for we are not that sort. Click To Tweet 72. The true test of a man is not success as many people supposes but on his unflinching determination to brace obstacles. Click To Tweet 73. I Challenge you to challenge the status quo, success must be attained by those who do not respect established patterns. Click To Tweet 74. Establish your credibility so that you can have the ability to be entrusted with responsibility due to your stick-ability. Click To Tweet 75. No, no! the problem is not the people and environment but that before the people and the environment will harmonize to reward you you're already on another path. Click To Tweet 76. If I can see a consistent man I'll show a man who must succeed irrespective. Click To Tweet 77. Let go of the past with the influence of today stop romancing the future possibilities enter into it today, do it as if you're already there. Click To Tweet 78. when people stop needing you then your assignments to each other is over continue ahead with humility your greater reward is still ahead don't give up on it by languishing in regrets. Click To Tweet

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79. Sometimes you just have to be on the offensive until your arrival then those who hated you for it will eventually love you unconditionally due to your now powerful ability to touch them in magical ways. Click To Tweet

80. A better future is possible, only if we can hold on to that Beautiful treasure: “The Audacity of Hope.”

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