Best online and offline business ideas in Nigerian Universities aren’t easy to discover to so many people and if you’re in this shoe, here are the opportunities for you.

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There are different ways to make money as a student in Nigeria. Many Nigerian students, especially university students, always find different means to earn some cash into their pockets.

It is not easy to keep having all these expenses, yet nothing is paying for them.

Have you ever noticed that the amount you spend per month is usually more than what you earn? God’s grace is sufficient for us all but it is high time students start their own entrepreneurial work and become self made.

Making money as a student in Nigeria is not as easy at many people make it seem but it is definitely not as hard as you might think.

You can either engage in online business or offline businesses. In this post, we will discuss online businesses and offline businesses available for Nigerian students.

There are some things you should know about businesses before you start.

1. You need capital: You can not just start a business without spending a little cash on it.

Even if you do not use your capital to start your business, some day somehow you will need to spend on your business. Capital to start as a

student can just be as low as N1000 and as high as N100000. It all depends on the kind of business you want.

  Best online and offline business ideas in Nigerian Universities 1

2. It may take time: You can not start a business today and expect it to bring you cash the next day.

You will need to be patient and do the right things in order to make your business boom.

As a student, it my take up to a month before people start patronizing your business well, but at the end of the day you will smile to the bank.

3. It may take your time: You must find a way to balance school work with your business or else your academic performance will drop so bad.

Businesses will take your time but your education is also very important. How you will schedule your time is up to you.

4. There’s possibility of loss: Everyone expects a possibility of loss in businesses but nobody prays for it.

There is always a probability turn you will run at loss. So you have to take adequate measures to ensure that your profits are always coming in.

You need to get new strategies for your business no mater the type you are starting.

What that said, we will be looking at the online and offline businesses you can start in Nigeria as a student.

These businesses have been tested and trusted to work among university students.

Disclaimer: There is no assurance of becoming a millionaire from these businesses but it doesn’t mean it is impossible.

Online business ideas you can start a as a student in Nigeria.

There are amazing online business ideas or opportunities for Nigerian students. When you try many online businesses, sometimes you may be scammed

while other times you may be lucky. However, I have found the right and legit businesses you can start in any Nigerian university. Here they are:

1. Affiliate marketing: This is such an awesome way of making money online. Affiliate marketing is the act of promoting other people’s products in order to earn a commission.

  Best online and offline business ideas in Nigerian Universities 2

For example, if you are an affiliate of Jumia, you will get paid a particular commission whenever somebody buys something from your link. That’s just how affiliate marketing works.

The reason why I recommend it as the best way to make money online in Nigerian universities is because many students, especially the girls,

tend to make online purchases instead of buying directly from the store. You can be the guy that helps people buy their products.

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All you have to do is find that product from your affiliate network, generate your own affiliate link and voila, you earn when they buy. Affiliate marketing business ideas to get started.

2. Social media hype: If you have a good social media presence, there is every possibility that big boys and girls will pay you to help them hype something like parties, clothes, services, businesses etc.

Especially when you are running your school’s social media platform. E.g life of unilag, uniben eye etc. Those kind of handles are very much appreciated in universities.

To get the desired amount of followers, you can send to whatsapp group chats, paste stickers, inform people and do the needful things like post quality and interesting contents to attract people.

3. Ecommerce store: If you are the fashion type that sells shoes, bags, clothes, caps etc. An ecommerce is a huge advantage for you because

when you are not around in school, your mates, can just order via your store and you deliver it to them in school.

You can also be shipping the products from foreign countries and have them delivered right in front of your door in Nigeria.

It is not necessary you have an online website. You can even use Facebook, twitter or instagram to sell and make money.

All you need is to create a massive awareness and ask people to help you promote it.

  Best online and offline business ideas in Nigerian Universities 3

Those are the most trusted online businesses for any Nigerian student. Now let us go through the:

Offline business ideal or opportunities that require your presence.

1. Project writing: In a country where so many youths are  lag behind in I.T, they tend to find people who will help with their works.

If you have experience of writing projects, there are many lazy people who will pay you to help them with theirs. so that make this as good business ideas.

Project writing is exhausting and boring that is why students pay others to help them with theirs.

When one person contacts you to help, others will also contact you. You can make more than 50k just doing projects for students.

I know of someone who made 15k everyday for one week on a very simple project everyone can do but laziness helped him make such an amount.

2. Cyber services: This is one of the pretty business ideas for any students who ought to make money while schooling.

you can also start your own mini cyber café where people come in to make photocopies, print documents, upload, surf the internet and many more.

Cyber cafe services are very lucrative in any Nigerian university due to the need to print and download documents.

No matter how small yours is, you can always make some side cash daily and save your parents some.

3. food vendor: This is just the best offline business in any university. If you can cook, or you know someone who can, it is an advantage for you.

You can setup your own kiosk and cook for students. Many Nigerian students do not have time to prepare foods and therefore, result to other options.

You can cook spaghetti, noodles, turkey, or anything worth eating in your vicinity.

In schools like UNILAG, this is the most abundant business and it is everywhere you can find yourself in the evening.

4. Sales of materials and past questions: In a university, not every lecturer writes note for the class and not every student attends class.

Many depend on past questions and course materials to pass their exams.

If you can provide such, you are on the new right path to make yourself some huge income.

Best online and offline business ideas in Nigerian Universities 4

Course materials and past questions are highly valuable and you can sell at high prices and still get customers.

5. Tutorial sections: You might have been expecting this eight from the beginning of the post. Tutorial sections are highly valuable in universities.

Many students go extra miles to pass exams.

If you have competent teachers and you are also a scholar, you might want to consider having your own tutorial sections and teaching students.

If you charge 10k per month and you have over 10 students, that is over 100k monthly. Isn’t it just awesome.

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Those are the best online and offline business ideas Nigerian universities. Make sure you share this post, and how do you rate this article, offline and online business ideas in nigeria universities.

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