Jumia affiliate program is one of the biggest affiliate programs in Nigeria right now. You can be making up to 50k monthly just referring people to buy something on jumia.

With the affiliate program, many people have become full time earners and this has changed their lives. There is no limit to what you can achieve on jumia affiliate program.

Jumia affiliate program: How to join and start making money online 1

Jumia once paid the owner of naijatechguide 1 million Naira for being the best affiliate of the year. Now, imagine being awarded 1 million naira for just doing what you love to do.

On jumia affiliate program, you get full support and some interesting commissions for everything you promote online.

You can earn up to N5000 per day with this affiliate program and just receive credit alert every month while working from your home.

Let me tell you a little something about how affiliate marketing works:

  • You find a product
  • You promote the product
  • You get paid for your hard work

That is just the simple thing about affiliate marketing. If you have many friends who love to make online purchases from jumia then this will be an amazing addition for you. If you know the way, you will smile every day.

  Jumia affiliate program: How to join and start making money online 2

There are some cool things to learn in this post and they are:

  • How to join jumia affiliate program
  • Commissions on jumia affiliate program
  • How to promote jumia products
  • How will I get paid by jumia?

Those are some of the sub topics we will be looking at in this post. It is not easy becoming an affiliate marketer but if you know the right way to go, you can earn more than you ever imagined.

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The beautiful thing about this is that, there are so many ways to promote your product and still get paid. You can also do this as a full time job.


Joining jumia affiliate program is as easy as A B C, it is also free (you are not asked to pay anything). Approval is also easy and fast.

There are some few things to have before you can join them:

  • Smartphone
  • Social media account/blog

To register for jumia affiliate program, just follow the following rules below:

  • Visit affiliates.jumia.com
  • Click on “become an affiliate”
  • Fill all the details with the correct info
  • You will receive an email on how to login Or you will be asked to wait for approval within 12 hours

Don’t worry; the approval is very easy and fast. There is 95% you will be approved by them.


The commission on jumia affiliate program is very cool and applicable to everyone. You can get as high as 12% commission on a single product or 5%. It all depends on the product.

Below is a list of jumia affiliate program commissions for you to know how much you are getting paid for a single successful sale.

Category Commission
Weddings 11%
Unisex Accessories
Tvs, Audio and Video 3%
Tablets & Accessories 3%
Sports & Fitness 3%
Phones 2%
Men's Shoes 10%
Men's Clothing 9%
Men's Accessories 10%
Kids & Babies 5%
Home 5%
Grocer's Shop 7%
Girl's Clothing 10%
Games & Consoles 4%
Events & tickets 4%
Computing 3%
Cameras & Accessories 3%
Boy's Clothing 12%
Books & Stationery 10%
Beauty and Perfumes 7%
Automotive & Motorcycles 3%
Women's Clothing 8%
Women's Accessories 9%
omen's Shoes 8%

That is how much you will be paid on every sale respective to that product.

Which means if you successfully sell a smartphone of N100,000, you will earn N2000 for that smartphone alone.

If you can get two people to buy at least everyday, you will be making close to 30k weekly from affiliate marketing.


Jumia affiliate program allows you to use different methods of production. You can either promote via blogging, social media or forums. It is not rocket science.

It is just something you can always do in your spare time. If you have a facebook account where you are on lots of groups then this is just the best for you.

All you have to do is promote your product by creating an enticing post and asking people to buy through your affiliate link which will be added at the end of the post.

You can learn how to build links on jumia affiliate program here


Jumia pays all their affiliates at the end of the month if you reach N5000. Once you reach the threshold, you will be paid directly into your account at the end of the month.

Jumia affiliate program: How to join and start making money online 3

If you do not reach the threshold, all your earnings will be added to the next months and it will keep accumulating until it has reached the threshold.

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That is everything you need to know about jumia affiliate program. Head on to their site and register now.

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