Today, I will be showing you the amazing tips to help grow your business . Starting a business is one thing, growing that business is something entirely different.

7 tips to help you grow your business 450% 11

Everyday, people spend money and different people start different businesses.

it gets competitive each passing day and it’s up to you to compete among the top businesses in your sector.

Have you ever wandered why some businesses thrive more than others?

Sometimes two businesses make exact same products but one is always getting more sales. Isn’t that crazy? No, not at all. It’s perfectly normal.

There are three possible things that may be the cause:

Sufficient financing
Proper awareness creation

So if your business lacks any of the aforementioned things, you may not be able to compete among the top tiers. In every business, there’s a chance of profit as well as loss.

Mentioned below are the great tips to help grow your business.

7 tips to help you grow your business 450% 12

1. Mass awareness: Can you buy something you have no idea about? Many top businesses have grown due to the amount of awareness they created.

Adverts go a long way in businesses. If you can not afford those big billboards, at least try some handbills.

Those things go a long way. People pass them round rapidly than you can imagine.

A small handbill containing your business details and contact can be a great addition for you in the nearer future and can help you to grow your business.

Also, seminars are a great way to get an audience for business. When you attend seminars, you can take few minutes to tell people about your business and what you do.

Tell them why they need to buy your products. Show them the great amazing things about what you sell or the service you render. Mass awareness is the number one way to grow a business.

2. Hold promos and contests: This is probably the main thing behind the success of indomie and it can help you grow your business too.

Occasionally, we see indomie holding different contests for kids which entices them to buy more.

People order in bulk because of these contests and skyrockets sales so greatly, it will leave you speechless.

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Think of a contest that is affordable yet enticing. After that, use various ways to create awareness. Use social media and order platforms.

Set a defined date for your contest so you will know your budget within that period.

Do not hold a contest you can not sponsor. You can just offer to give out free bicycle to the kid that finds a bicycle sticker in your product. That’s cheap and enticing.

Depending on the product you sell. If you are into the catfish business, which is really lucrative, you can give out the small fishes that refuse

to grow well to anyone that buys three at a time. Or you can reduce your prices for a short period of time.

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3. Use social media: I said something about social media earlier. Social media is an amazing way to promote any business.

7 tips to help you grow your business 450% 13

About 80% of Nigeria’s population are on Facebook and 30% are on instagram.

Can you see how huge your potential reach is? Social media is the realest and easiest way to promote any business.

Once you create your business page, the next thing to do is start targeting audience and growing the page.

Luckily, there’s an amazing feature for this. You can run adverts on Facebook and instagram. Many of these adverbs help you grow thrice more than you expected.

After a while, you can also target foreign audience and start shopping your products abroad for sale. Social media us occupied with many customers and you can just stand out easily.

4. Create a website/online store: A website is a very useful tool for businesses. Your website could reach thousands of customers over day.

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Online stores also help customers make purchases online and get it shipped to them.

With your website, you can also earn by running adverted on it. Simply contact a web designer and get it done.

This is really cool to help any business. SEO is also an amazing way to grow your business.

SEO is an acronym for Search Engine Optimization. It is a way of formatting your website pages to

appear and rank higher on search engines for a particular keyword. Many businesses have been successful due to SEO.

5. Email marketing: Email marketing has a lot of cool advantages. When you gather emails, you can use tools like mail chimp to send bulk emails to all your emails at once.

7 tips to help you grow your business 450% 14

When you have emails of customers and you send them emails showing your latest products. With mail chimp, you are able to send 2000 emails at once for free.

You will be able to showcase pictures and links from your websites. You can also add your contacts. The features of mail chimp are just so many.

6. Forums: forums like Nairaland and reddit are great for creating awareness.

When you have your own thread, keep your contact as your signature and keep posting your latest products.

You have to keep your thread active and engaging so as not to bore your audience.

7. Facebook groups: This is still the cheapest way to promote your business. There are many groups you can join that will help boost your products.

7 tips to help you grow your business 450% 15

You can join Nigerian marketing groups or groups related by on your products and start promoting from there.

You don’t need to spend a dime in this and you can reach over one thousand people at once with this.

Those are the great tips that can promote your business. It’s all in the way you implement each one. If you do then consistently you are already on the right track.

What is your thought on this tips to grow your business?

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  1. Tray

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    Can I ask you to provide me some feedback?
    Thank you very much! God bless you!

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    I personally use tools a good number of businesses don’t find out about or don’t have the time to use for themselves and I want to use them on your site. If your’re to busy with current clients I get it, I was just wondering was all. Let me know if you’d like more details or references, I do have more than I know what to do with.


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