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You can make money online no matter who you are. Whether you are young or old, brilliant or not, you can still make the best out of world wild web (www).

make money online

There are so many ways to make money online, you will definitely going to identify the one that suit your experience here. I have some way for to start earn money online now and fast.

Many people are making thousand of dollars online every month. Don’t think they are more brilliant than you,

only what brings the difference is that, they have identify what they are able to do. Or how to solve a particular problem people are encounter.

You too can make huge amount of money online every month because you also have one thing in you, which other have been looking for.

Anything you know how to do, you can monetize it. Whether you are a writer, designer, programmer, digital marketer, motivator, artist, social media expert, seo expert, counselor e.t.c.

Any legal things at all, you are able to do, you can monetize it.

Many people asked on my Facebook page” online money maker” how can i make money online ?

I always reply, there are many ways you can make money online but it’s only when you have identify what you are capable to do online, if not you can’t make money online.

That is why i dig into internet and came out with this long list of how to make money online.

Here is the list of opportunities you can start now to earn money online.

Website Opportunities to earn money online

1. Start a blog: Blogging is the easiest way to make money online. Any body can blog, even you can become 6 figure blogger.

88 way to make money online:(work from home) 1

Blogging is unlike other job, if you’re blogging from home, you don’t have to work 5-9 hours any more.

You can work at any time of your choice and any where you might like to. Blogging is sweetbread for people who love to write and passionate to share their knowledge and expertise with the whole world.

Many people are making 4 figures ( $1000, 10.000, 1.000000 ) every month, you too can make such amount.

You may wonder how you can start a blog, then read my complete guide or ( how to start a profitable blog in less than 20 minutes that make at least $ 5000 per month ).

In that guide everything are put in place, your own is to just follow the the step one after the other.

Skills needed

Ability to write effective contents.

Tips 1.

1. Start a blog about area of your expertise.

2. Blog about what you love. E.g if you are a news broadcaster and you love it then create a news blog.

3. Blog about specific topics.

If you need to know more about blogging then read my blog guide here, You would be glad as you did.

4. Host your blog on perfect hosting company like liquid web hosting and hotgator.

  88 way to make money online:(work from home) 2

2. Create membership site: This is the most lucrative way of making money online. Membership site is a private website with an exclusive content available to the members of the site only.

If you have one special knowledge you can earn money online with that knowledge.

I suggest you to create a membership site . If you want to know more about this, then here is the complete guide for you.

In that guide you will learn everything pertaining to membership site.

3. Create a niche site:

Niche website is a portable website focus on a single niche or sub-niche.

Information on this such site is very remarkable, specific for a targeted audience. For instance you choose affiliate marketing as your niche ?

Every content you have to write is all about affiliate marketing. It’s a very concrete way to make money online.

Niche site is suitable for people who have an interest in a very specific topic in a large niche e.g how to make money online is a very large niche, you focus only how to make money online without a website.

Time require for a niche site, is totally depend on your expertise. In case you don’t know how to create a website, i have a guild for you here


1. Create at at least to article of high contents from 1000-4000 words.

Those articles will provide great value to your site and target audience. It also boost your present online.

2. For you to make money from your niche site, it most be a hot niche.

3. Do keywords research to find at least 10-20 query relevant to your site and try to rank for them.

4. Sign up for at least 50-75% commission rate.

5. Guest post on authority blog on your niche to boost your search engine ranking.

How to make money from your effort.

6. Do affiliate marketing.

7. Adsense ( Google adsense, wordad adthrive ) e.t.c.

8. Sell ad space, sponsor post.

4. Create a book review site

make money online

Book review site is one of the creative way of making money online. As the name suggest it a website that is mainly to review difference book for people.

If you love reading and you have read so many books then you can start making money wright away by helping others to know the worth of the book.


Have it in mind that the book you will review should be a type of book that people are in need, so that when you recommend for people they would purchase.

How to monetise.

Become Amazon affiliate partner and other top blogger who offer affiliate program to promote their books.

5. Sell website on flippa:

This also another great way to make money online because many people can afford to create a website from scratch so they prefer to purchase an existing one to cut the stress short.

If you create a website that cost $200, you can sell that website worthy $10,000.

Imagine you have like 20, which is 20 × $10,000 =$ 200,000 huge amount right?

6. Buy and sell of domain name:

You can buy domain name cheap from market place like NameCheap at cheap price and sell at high amount on, and other domain market out there.

You can make thousand of dollars, or even millions from this way of making money online.

7. Create inforgraphic website:

This is the most huge way of making money online. Infographic website is the site that is mainly for designing, editing, and creating of images.

With the rise in numbers of blogger and business, infographic are highly in demand and become a hot cakes.

You know why?, 90 percent of the blogger and business owners aren’t graphics designer.

So all of them are looking for shortcuts, even me I’m a victim of this. Examples of this site are:, etc.

This a great way to make money online, if you can run this business, why not start now.

8. Create a news/entertainment website

A news website is the website that received the most traffics, if you can become the first broadcaster, then you can make a decent amount of money online.

You can monetise your news/entertainment site by applying for Google adsense, affiliate marketing and sell ad space on your site to advertisers.

9. Create video website

Video website site is a hot cakes. This is the most hot way to earn money online.

You know why this opportunity is regard as hot cake?, It’s a type of website that people pay before they can have access to your exclusive videos.

It also applicable to download, or views, your can restrict some crucial videos for paid subscribers or they pay before downloading or views.

Or you create public one like and monetise it with adsense.

10. Create a social media website:

Requirement tools to make money online

This is the most coolest way to make money online. With this you can become world richest person, If you can create a platform that excited people

Like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and many more then your money would flow like liver.

If you really want to do this better study the most successful once like Facebook and Twitter, from their early stages till now.

11. Build Adsense system

This is also another mighty way to earn money online, this is what make Google the most money they get.

Examples of this are Google AdWords, wordads, etc. This is the most source of Google income.

This can cost you money and time but when it set up successfully and start running. Millions would begin to rolling.

Social media opportunities 

12. Start YouTube channels:

88 way to make money online:(work from home) 4

Starting a YouTube channel is the simplest way of making money online and it needs no investment neither pay for hosting.

YouTube get almost over 5 billions views pay day, this proves how powerful YouTube is, on the go.

Create relevant videos and upload them to your channel. The more viewers you get the more money you got.

Don’t forget to sign up for YouTube partnership program in other monetise your videos.

13. Do Facebook marketing:

88 way to make money online:(work from home) 5

Facebook marketing is the process whereby a marketer like you promote products and services on Facebook.

You can promote your own products and services or Another’s people products and services, if you make a sale true your affiliate link, you got commission.

The more people buy from you, the more money you will make. For you to make the best out of your Facebook marketing, create a page.

14. Email marketing:

88 way to make money online:(work from home) 6

Email marketing is the most lucrative way of making money online.

This is the process of sending newsletter or email multitude of people and embedded the image of your products, affiliate link etc inside the content of the mail.

Many marketers are making 6 figure with this effective way of making money online.

For you to make the best out of your email marketing efforts you need email software like getrespond.

Everything you need to succeed as email marketer, they would provide. Millions of people are with them, you too join them here.

15. Do Pinterest marketing:

88 way to make money online:(work from home) 7

Pinterest is a visual social media site. It’s another form of search engine and a market place.

All Pinterest users are either there to buy something or looking for information. It’s a very powerful buy and selling platform.

You can sell your own products or promote others products and services. And watch your money rolling.

16. Do LinkedIn marketing:

88 way to make money online:(work from home) 8

LinkedIn is a social media with high profile people. People who are able to buy any products and services.

You can make money from LinkedIn in so many ways:

✓ Affiliate marketing

✓ Sell your own products and services

✓ Driving traffics to your blog post with affiliate links, ads or store etc.

17. Do Twitter marketing:

88 way to make money online:(work from home) 9

In fact, if you can use any social media platforms, you can make money online.

Here is how you can make money with Twitter:

✓ Get paid for Twitting

✓ Sponsor post( this can work if you have a huge followers)

✓ Promote your products and services

✓ Affiliate marketing.

With Twitter you need no investment to start making money all you need is thousands followers.

18. Do Instagram marketing:

88 way to make money online:(work from home) 10

Instagram is another high visual and engagement platform. Many influencer, artist, and digital marketers are marking 4-7 figure every month from Instagram.

What did they do?

✓ promoting their own products & services

✓ sponsor post (company pay them to promote their product to their followers

affiliate marketing.

There many ways you can make money using Instagram.

Try it out, but be patience the results is very slowly.

19. Do WhatsApp/telegram marketing:

88 way to make money online:(work from home) 11

Aha, I know you are wondering right now.

How it’s possible to make money from this platforms. But remember life is all about creative.

You can make money why using Whatsapp or telegram.

✓ marketing your product and services to your friends

✓ you can also recommend others people product to your friends if they purchase you then you get a commission (affiliate marketing)

✓ you can use WhatsApp/telegram to drive a traffic to your blog. There are so many other ways you can make money on this platform, it’s up to you.

20. Become social media manager (smm )

88 way to make money online:(work from home) 12

In this case organization hire you to manage all their social media account and digital marketing technique.

It high demand job in the labor market this days. Many big brand that you have this position, will hire you to work for them, from your comfort home.

Writing opportunities to make money online

21. Start copywriting

88 way to make money online:(work from home) 13

Copy-writing is the writing copy for an advertisement and marketing purposes.

The writing would meant as tool of persuasion or changing customers belief about products and services.

Quality copy writers are paid a descent amount of money for writing a single copy.

You may not earn a lot at the beginning but when you grow to some setting level, you will be making thousand of dollars every month.

22. Publish A Kindle books

88 way to make money online:(work from home) 14

To publish a Kindle book is another huge way to make money online.

Do you know that is the largest and biggest online market place in the world?. It serves as a giant search engine like Google.

Millions of buyers patronize Amazon every month, to buy items ranging from books, electronics gadget, automobile, clothes etc, in fact you can sell any thing on Amazon.

Kindle is a branch of Amazon dedicated to books only. Create your ebooks and sign up for

Amazon direct publishing program to get your ebooks out their to millions of Amazon patronisers.

23. Guest blogging

88 way to make money online:(work from home) 15

Guest blogging is one of the coolest way to make money online. You can make thousand of dollars every months.

You can do this in two ways:

✓ If you have good knowledge of writing skills, you can write for top bloggers and they pay you for guest post on their blog.

A post may cost $10-$1000, it depends on the quality and the relevant of the article.

✓ You guest post on authority blog and place a link back to your blog pages with affiliate links, adsense or selling pages. Many are enjoying do this, you too can.

24. Create ebooks and sell them online

88 way to make money online:(work from home) 16

When you have an in-depth knowledge of any topics, then create ebooks on that topic.

Or you know how to do anything, you can monetise it by creating ebook on that.

For instance you’re a cook, decorator, fashion designer etc, you can teach people how to do that too by creating an informative ebook

Multitude of people are waiting for you to hit publish, Buyers are always wait for quality product and services to purchase.

You can sell your ebook on your own blog and other online book store out there.

25. Become a contents creator

content creator

If you have good writing skills, why not take advantage of it. you can monetize your writing skills by creating content for busy bloggers, artist, publishing companies and multi media companies.

Many people are make a living as contents creator. You too can do it.

Do more research on this method to gain more knowledge on it.

26. Become document translator

When a business in a particular geographical location grow globally, they need someone who is multilingual to translate their documents written in one language to another.

They do this for them to communicate with their customers effectively.

You are now like their interpreter but the difference is that it’s only done in written e.g handset menu, it is written in multiple language or some giant blogs are also in multiple language if yo know that this fit you

Then you can apply at, and Expected earn start from $ 12/hrs up word.

27. Become a proofreader

88 way to make money online:(work from home) 17

If you have very catching and detective eyes that can identify missing spelling punctuation, grammar and other writing error.

Then you can make handsome money online. With the rise of Internets, blogs, social media and authors, the demand of high quality content are rising more rapidly.

That makes high demand of online proofreader to examine any text to make sure it’s error free.

You can apply at the following site:



Start to leverage The opportunity now.

28 create articles on authorise site

There are many mega website out there which the owners can not handle or provide all fresh content to their readers.

So they need someone like you to write for them in exchange of money. Some of the site are:

✓., intenet niche – payment=$200 per article

✓., writing niche – payment=$50-200 per article

✓. living overseas payment=$250-400 per article e.t.c

To list but few. Many more are out there

29. Become a gost writer

88 way to make money online:(work from home) 18

Gost writer simple means act of written book for other people, they employ you to write for them, of which your name Will never appear as an author neither contributor but you will be paid handsome money.

You can get started by apply at the following site:





And many other more. you would be pay per hours.

The payment start from $10 up word. It totally depend on the offers you execute.

30. Sell quote printable

88 way to make money online:(work from home) 19

Printable quote is a simple quote written on well beautiful design for people to buy it and print it for their uses.

Some place it in there home, office or class for daily motivation. WAVE Academy done good job of this, almost all of their training class are full of printable quote.

Make sure your design look attractive and admiring.

You can use some tools like or to design your quote printable when you have done with your design, upload to the following site and place your amount.

✓. ✓

✓ ✓

Those site are market place for quote printable with a lot of customers. Start making your money today.

31. Write Slogan and Tagline

If you are capable of writing an effective descriptions of a product in few words or a sentence and be able to formulate a short

Tagline that speak more than thousand of words, then you can monetise this talent online.

By applying on the following websites.

✓ ✓


And many other more out there. You will contest with others, if your own is more quality then you win.

Other ways to make money online

32. Affiliate marketing:

88 way to make money online:(work from home) 20

Yes you have been hearing affiliate marketing since, here is what it means and how you can do it.

Affiliate marketing is the process of recommending other’s products and services to your audience, when they purchase you get commission.

There are so many affiliate program out there. It’s free to join.

Affiliate marketing is the best way to make money online.

If you want to make 4-7 figure, then I recommend you to join program that would pay you 20-75% commission.

33. Become A freelancer

Freelancer are those who like to work from home, or work independently.

Company or individuals give them tasks and they execute the task. They are other forms of contractor.

If you have any skills, become a freelancer. Whether you are a programmer,

web designer, Business expert, Designer, etc you can make money online right away.

Sign up on the following top freelancer company to get started right now.

✓, and

When you are filling the application form remember to show case your skills and your charges.

34. Create and sell videos course on udemy

Udemy is a teaching and learning website with millions of active users every month. Even me I master my seo from udemy.

If you are good in any topic, you can make money from it.

Join udemy as a teacher, then start creating your course and then place them on udemy for people to buy them.

The more people buy your course, the more you will make, so try this way of making money online out.

35. Sell services on Fiverr

What is Fiverr?

Fiverr is a global market place which offers services, products and task starting from $5 to buyer.

Fiverr has over 5 millions users every month. Every services and work on Fiverr are called Gig.

With Fiverr you don’t need be panic about on how you will promote your gigs. Or how to receive your payment, Fiverr handle all.

If you are expert on any profession then Fiverr is the best place for you to leverage the power and the population of Fiverr users to monetise your skills.

Whether you are a digital marketer, graphics designer, web designer, motivator, SEO expert etc. You can make 6 figure with this platform.

36. Sell items on eBay

eBay is the most popular website for selling and buying on the internets. You can sell almost anything on eBay likewise to buying. You can buy anything there.

If you have any items that is not of use to you, you can sell it on eBay and make passive income.

Also you can sell or buy from,, etc.

37. Sell art and crafts on Etsy

Etsy is an online sell and buy markets place which focus on arts and crafts products.

If you’re good designer or artist then you can sell you work to Etsy visitors.

Etsy has 30 millions users per months, your focus now is to leverage Etsy opportunity.

38. Do pay per click marketing (PPC)

You can do this by sign up adsense and also promote your links and your own products on pay per click platforms.

The more sales and click you get the more money you will get. So try it but you must be specific.

39. Do pay per action (PPA)

Pay per action (PPA) is also know as pay per cost (PPC). It’s the simplest way to making money online.

You would get paid if someone click on your affiliate links and complete action.

CPP offer could be list building, sign up for a trial of products, install mobile app or softwares. You should join program like:


✓ ( cpa search engine )

✓ ( CPA search engine )

So start promote any products of your choice and start to make money online now.

40. Develop mobile apps

88 way to make money online:(work from home) 21

Mobile apps is another way of make money online, with the availability of many mobile app developing tools,

you can create a new successfully app without knowledge of Android or is programming language.

You can use tool like “Androidcreator24” to create your app. After you have successfully completed your app,

you can add services like admob to monetise your app or you sell your app on major app stores.

41. Develop software

Software developer are making huge amount of money online. You know why?, Without software computers can’t function.

So if you develop software that is useful, then you will definitely going to make a lot of money money from it.

Bill gate develop Microsoft office and he become the richest person in the world. you too can become bill gate of your time.

42. Join Leapforce

Leapforce is us Base company that provides work from home Job opportunities for people across the world.

The would provide you job on search engine evaluators. Leapforce are contracted by Google and other giant search engine to help them to across their algorithms.

Joining Leapforce is one of the lucrative way of making money online. No need of investing any money to join, it’s free.

43. Create WordPress theme

88 way to make money online:(work from home) 22

WordPress is the most favorite platform that a lot of bloggers and website owners used to manage the contents of their blog/website.

If you have knowledge of HTML and CSS codes, why not design WordPress theme and start making money online.

You can sell your theme on your website, Mojo’s theme shops, and through WordPress.

44. Create theme

88 way to make money online:(work from home) 23

This way of making money online is almost the same with number 43, but it slightly difference because each one of them are for difference platform.

Design your theme today, make sure it a real solution to what people want.

The more you provide solutions to peoples problem the more money you will make and the more you help people the more you help yourself.

45. Start Teespring campaigns

88 way to make money online:(work from home) 24

Teespring is the best way to make money online. Teespring is a platform to create apparel and shipping it to your buyer after payment.

If you are a designer, painter, artist etc, you can make money with this method. Monetise your expertise today.

46. Join survey websites

88 way to make money online:(work from home) 25

This is the simplest way to make money by work from home, with this way, you can make cool money without invest any money.

Online survey simply means helping company by filling some forms or answer some couples of question about the products you have used or already knowned.

By providing the answer, you get paid once you have finished filling the form.

This help producers to know how to modernism their product to meet up with new market needs.

You sign up on the following leading survey sites:

  • Mysurvey
  • Vivatic
  • E-poll
  • Paidviewpoint,
  • ipoll
  • Opinonoutput

And start making money from your home immediately .

47. Start podcast

88 way to make money online:(work from home) 26

Podcast is the act of recording audio file and upload it on your website/blog or itume for listeners to download or play it there.

Before they could have access to your in-depth explanation of any specific topic. They’ll pay unless you make it free.

It could be any topics but remember your contents of the audio should be problem solving or provide solutions to what people are struggling with.

That would grant you good feet to maximize high income every month.

48. create photo and sell

88 way to make money online:(work from home) 27

If you are a good photographer, I bring you good news today. With the increases of online marketer

You can make tons of money online because mostly of bloggers, digital marketers are not a photographer, neither designer and they most need photo, image and inforgraphics to boost their contents qualities.

You can sign up for the following website and start to make money online today:





They are all good market place for photos or create your own blog to market your images.

49. Start dropshiping business

88 way to make money online:(work from home) 28

Dropshiping is an online store in which the owner didn’t own any products.

You don’t need to have products, yours is to import from the supply store to your own.

You make sale the supply will ship to the buyer, so your own is to hunt for buyers.

You can start your business with Shopify. They are the best out there.

You just import your products from obero straight to your Shopify store and start to make money online.

50. Start online store

88 way to make money online:(work from home) 29

If you have a store or you are capable to open a store, I encourage you to start online store for your existing or New store, because it’s a great way of making money.

Many buyers now prefer to order online than go to the vendor.

Think about this it is an opportunity. You can start your store with Shopify or

51. Teach your netive language

88 way to make money online:(work from home) 30

With the way world is growing and many people are moving from their home to make a living at other place

many of their children can’t hear the language neither to speak. So they are willing to pay someone to teach them.

Also traveling and schooling make language tutor as hot cake.

I am a Nigeria and want to shoot in china, definitely I would learn the language, so I must hire some body to help out.

Join service like to get started, It’s a market place for language tutors.

52. Become online tutor

88 way to make money online:(work from home) 31

With the busy life style and inconvenient school facilities, many prefer online learning than normal class. So that increase the demand of online tutors.

If you are a teacher I encourage you to join the following site below.




To get started. It’s a cool way to make money online.

53. Do interview transcribing

88 way to make money online:(work from home) 32

Interview transcribing simply means translating an interview in audio or video format into written form.

Many bloggers and TV station are in demand of someone to do the writing for them why the interview.

You can get started at the following site:



✓ email

Some top blogger to know weather they may hire you.

Give a tryer it’s another way of making money online.

54.Become Amazon associate

88 way to make money online:(work from home) 33 is the leading online market place in the world. Multitude of marketers are make a living with them.

Join the associate program and you promote any of Amazon products and make a sale you get a commission.

Amazon commission start from 10%.

55. Do shopping

88 way to make money online:(work from home) 34

This is a simple way to money online. Shop like, or

they will pay some cash back for shopping with them. Shop with any of the site today to start making money online today.

56. Become virtual call center worker

88 way to make money online:(work from home) 35

Virtual call center workers are agent or a representative of a company who answers customer call for complain or request about a product and services un-behave of the company.

Many giant organization like telecommunication, bank industries and large manufacturing company and insurance organization are well known set of organisation to employed an agent explore their customers services.

They are read to offer you $8 to $20 per hour. You can get started at the following site:




Wish you best of luck.

57. Become a remote worker

88 way to make money online:(work from home) 36

As the name imply. That is how it works.

You can live anywhere in the world and become a staff of a company as far as you have access to internet.

You would always notify by the company on what to do each time they need your service.

58. Register on rewards site

88 way to make money online:(work from home) 37

Reward site are type of site that pay you for performing a task. The task are :

Searching the web through their site, play game, videos and many more.

They pay you for doing those such activity above with them.

In order to start making money, you have to create an account with the reward site to perform some task and start to earn money online immediately.

Create your account with the following site:





59. Join Q & A site

Questions and answers site are site that personalize on providing answer to all questions ranging from simple to complex.

Search engine may not provide accurate answer to our questions but q & a site does.

Many people like you are there to answers people question and get paid.

On most of the top q & a site’s questions are price from $5 to 30, it even more for the harder questions.

Join the following site to start making money online today:





60. Become a user tester

User tester is website base on test customers on experience they have about a product they have been use and known very well.

When you become a user tester , the organization will provide you some simple survey know your experience about a setting products and customer service experience

In order for the organization to shape up their products, services and customer services strategies.

The payment for each survey you have took with them.

It’s awesome way to make money online.

61. Sell merchandise on zazzle

Zazzle is an online marketing Place which allow an individual to open his / her shop.

Zazzle is a market place for design products, like T-shirt, cup, cards e.t.c

You create your shop there and arrange your products.

And if they want to print your products they must pay before he / her can be able to print it.

It is a very lucrative way of making money online, if are a designer or actist.

62. Join micro job sites

88 way to make money online:(work from home) 38

Micro job sites are site that post micro job and pay you when you are done with the job.

It’s another tiny way to make money online. You can join the following site to get started:





63. Watch and use ear Android app

Watch ear Android app is an Android app that you will install from google play store, to your phone.

You will login with your get account or Facebook account to perform some task .

You would be given point till you reach the setting amount to redeam your point as cash or Amazon gift card.

64. Use cash pirate app

88 way to make money online:(work from home) 39

Cash pirate app is free Android app which give some offer to complete.

When you have execute the offer, you earn points which can be redeem as cash or gifts card.

With cash pirate app, you can earn $3-5 per day by complete a setting offer you like.

Another way to earn is to refer a friend to cash pirate.

65. Use ReceiptHog App

88 way to make money online:(work from home) 40

Receipt hog is a very cool way to make money online. It is an app you will use to scan your shopping tickets to help company to know the most marketing products.

And they pay you for doing that. It’s the easiest way to earn your first $100 online try it out today.

66. Use iBota app

iBota is almost similar with ReceiptHog, I would like to encourage you to use this app together to boost your earning.

All you can do to start making money online right is to install those apps from Google play store.

67. Join focus groups

Focus groups is a type of groups where by each participant get paid for expressing their opinions, concerning products and services, activities and advertisement.

The following are the list of focus groups you can join.

✓ 20/20 Research

✓ Brand institute

✓ Nichols research.

Focus groups pay their participant well than survey sites, so it’s some thing to give it a try.

68. Become a smartphone photographer

This another method of working from home, if you know that the camera of your phone is very sharp and clear, You can make money with it.

Here are the list of apps you should install to sell your smartphone pictures.

✓ Foap

✓ Snapwire and

✓ Clashot

69. Do Data entry work

Data entry work is the process of reading information from one source and input it into another source.

If you know that you have fast and accurate typing capacity then here is opportunity for you to work from home.

Join the following site:


✓ to get started.

70. Become social media influencer

Social media influencer are making a lot of money online. Many celebrities, enterainner,

and influencers are making 6 figure by promoting brand products and services to their

audience/followers. You too can make money this way but it just step by step journey.

71. Become online referral

As online referral you aim is to look for affiliate marketing program who reward referrers for refer them customers from first to third Tia’s decisions.

You don’t need to sell any thing before you can get pay, your is to refer customers and promoters to them

72. Become social media evaluator

Social media evaluator is a social media user like you. Big brand hire a social media expert to evaluate their

campaigns to know what works and what not working, for them to extract the negatives part from from their future campaigns.

Every brand want to maintain high present online and they need someone like you to handle the job.

The best place you can get started is

73. Become telephone mystery shopper

Can you imagine that this is another way to make money online?, Let me help you answer yes it is.

Your duty here is to use your phone to call other brands around a retail outlet to gather informations for a company.

Here some list of websites you can get started.


✓ etc.

74. Become a captioner

It’s another way to make money online, captioner simply means converting the audio files or contents of a video into text.

Your duties here is to listen carefully and tanscate audio into text. You can get started at

75. Do voice acting

Voice acting is the process of doing voice-cover. In other words it is an act of covering voice to represent artist.

If you are good and well speaking individual, you can sell your voice to animation company, tatoons, produce videos, television program and present action.

It is a good way to make money. You can get started at the following site:

✓. Voice


And any other movies and advertising organization.

76. Become a graphic designer

88 way to make money online:(work from home) 41

This way to make money online is the most lucrative way to make money online because many organization need quality logo, business, printable inforgraphics, website e.t.c

Of which they can’t do by their self, they hire a designer like to execute job for them and pay them.

If you are designer here is opportunity for you. You can get started with the following site:





77. Get paid for tweeting

If you are individual who love tweeter and look for a way to make money online with tweeter then I got you cover.

If you have a big followers base then you can make$50 to 100 per tweet, and $5 to 20 per tweet for a small followers base.

You can get started at the following site:




78. Listen and rate music

If you are a music lover like men then I bring you this good news that you can make money online while listening to music and provide insight about it.

That the producer or the creator to improve their musics.

You can get started at the following site:




79. Become online coacer

If I am not mistaking you have already know what a coach means already.

You can coach somebody on any topic or careers online. You can guide someone on how to blog, academic success, infact any topic.

With the help of Skype and other media platforms it become easy to make money online as a coacher.

80. Become forex trader

This way of making money online is meant for entrepreneurs.

You invest your money with them and they paid additional percentage for saving your money with them.

A friend of mine make $600 dollars within 3 weeks.

You too can check them ( here )

81. Become online artist

Many people are popular on YouTube and other visual site by suiting mini videos.

They are making a lot of money with youtube and also by selling their videos on their blog. You too can do so

82. Become online researcher

With the tons of information on the web, you can consult a critical research online about a specific topics and get the outcome compile as ebook or hard copy book.

Also you can help a brand to gather some information for them and you get paid.

Join to get started to researchers earn up to $35 per hour and make around $2000 per month.

83. Do link shorting and earn

You may wonder this is also a way of making money online. It’s, if you can use some link shorting app and make money by referring a friends and they reward you for using their services.

84. Do social media moderation

Social media moderation are paid to monitor difference social media channel to ensure users content are adiquate.

As social media moderation company hire you to take care of their social media presence and to enhance their customer services and support.

You can get started at the following site:



85. Sell private label right ( plr )

This is another way of making money online. In this way, you create a product and sell it to the buyer with full license.

It could be photo, ebook, website, infact any thing.

If you are capable of creating of any products then you can site the following marketplace:




To keep your money rolling.

86. Create a webinar

Webinar is the process of creating a live video or charting with your audience.

Many top marketers like nail pater, brain Dean e.t.c

Are into this because it brings a lot of profit if you have any knowledge and you want to use it to help people, then you can use kajebi to sell your webinar to who buy it.

87. Become a product discover

If you are so much creative an always discover new style then I got you cover.

Join, get started.

88. Become video creator & editor

Video are hot commodity right in the marketing world and even life entirely because many people prefer visual than a text.

You can become a video creator for a company or editor and get paid for each work you have done.

Get start at up or sell your videos on

  88 way to make money online:(work from home) 42

That’s all about how to make money online, if you have any questions or additions leave a comment below.

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