Sometimes in our lives, we just need a little inspiration to bring out the best in us. That inspiration may come from loved ones, enemies or TV shows – either way, that is why we present you 7 inspirational quotes, it changes us for good. To find inspiration is one thing, to get inspired is another thing.

7 inspirational quotes that will change your life today 3

Many movies have also been responsible for some of the best inspirational quotes in the world right now. People like Dumbledore (Harry Potter), Tyrion Lannister (Game of thrones) or joker.

When you listen enough, you hear some lines that will perform wonders for you.

Many people have been inspired by simple words while others have been inspired by acts of their colleagues.

It takes time to process these inspirational quotes but after much thinking, you realise that they are really the foundation to success. Any man who Seek inspiration, get inspired.

Below are seven bad ass simple inspirational quotes that will change your lives for good:

1. Readers are leaders: This American quote is as simple as “A B C” but is actually one of the biggest truths in the world. What you read defines you.

When Bill Gates was asked how he became so successful, he simply replied “I read a lot”. It will surprise you what you can learn from just reading a book.

It can be a religious book or an inspirational book but it will surely change your mentality and set you on the right path.

When you read, you get what you don’t know before. So many things are hidden in books and it’s up to you to find out what they are. Books grant you more knowledge and makes you worthy of becoming a leader.

People tend to choose a more educated person as a leader than an average person which is normal in any society. please this isn’t a inspirational quotes, it’s powerful, try it out you would definitely see result

2. To hide something from an African, keep it in a book: This is actually hurtful, but it is the plain truth.

Africans are not fund of reading, hence, having very few technologically advanced countries.

When you learn to develop the reading habit, a whole new lot of things will be opened to you.

For example, books like ” The power of positive thinking” by Norman Vincent Peale is such a amazing book to read.

This books teaches you different ways to look past your current troubles and focus on what really matters the most (something African need a lot).

Books are very important in every society. They improve ones understanding and mentality.

3. An hour of play discovers more than a year of conversation does: Except Cristiano Ronaldo, this is one of the greatest things Portugal ever produced (no offense).

An hour of play opens you to the realities of life and you discover a lot. Meanwhile, when you spend your time saying unnecessary gossips, you don’t learn anything. If at all, you learn so little.

It doesn’t mean you should spend your time playing, it means you should engage in activities and explore more than you talk.

4. Happiness can be found even in the darkest of times if only one remembers to turn on the light: Magical movie, magical quote. Harry Potter really did well by dropping this quote through Dumbledore.

5. Happiness is a choice and we all have to make it: You can either decide to e happy or unhappy. Your mindset is responsible for your own happiness.

Just turn on the light. When you are sad, think of what makes you happy and just decide to be happy. That’s as simple as what happiness is.

6. Rome was not built in a day: Many people expect to be very rich at a very tender age when they work hard.

The truth is that you work today so your tomorrow will be awesome. Be patient and keep working hard.

Rome is one of the most amazing cities in the entire Universe and it took so long to build it.

Something worth having is worth waiting for. Keep working hard and be patient. It will all be alright at the end.

7. Everything the light touches is our kingdom: From Lion King, this quote made me understand that the sky is big enough for birds to fly. As long as you can think it, you can achieve it no matter the competition.


Everything the light touches is for you. Take control of what you have and the space you have. Albert Einstein, Bill Gates, Isaac Newton, Leonardo DaVinci were all given 24 hours like you. No time is too small for you to achieve what you what.

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