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To find profitable business opportunity is very difficult for many people,

if your one of them stay tune to read this article from beginning to end.

Few days ago I visited my mentor and he told me that he has a friend who have money and willing to start a business.

Business opportunity: Top 5 high profitable Business in Lagos 3But unfortunately he doesn’t know the right business he can start in Lagos, that would make him profits.

That give birth to this post because I’m firmly believe that not only him that in this state of dilemma.

A lot of people are facing it too. Here are top 5 business opportunities you can start in Lagos and maximise a high profits.

1. Food services: This is the most profitable business in Lagos with high volume of profits, because Lagos is the most populated city in Nigeria.

Lagos state government estimate the population of Lagos at 17.5 millions people.

And you can see, 99. 8% of this population buy foods, so there is no way you invest your money on food business in Lagos and you will not making profits.

The guarantee is sure in any location of the city. People most eat.

There are many aspects of food business, range from foodstuffs down to restaurants.

Consider one aspect today and start making your profits right away.

2. Transportation services: With the high populations of people in Lagos, very few of the populations that has at least a car.

The llarge number of the ppopulations, are using commercials vehicle everyday to go to work, visit friends and family, trips etc.

Because of the populations Lagos is the only city in Nigeria when you are entering a bus, conductor will abuse you and you will still enter the vehicle because you have no options more than to enter the vehicle.

All is because of the lack of commercials vehicle. If you compare the number of commercials vehicle with the populations by then you will realise that people are ignoring a good business opportunity.

Transportation services is oone of the best business opportunity in Lagos.

If you can lunch your own transport business in Lagos, then you are stand a good chance of making the most outstanding profits.

IIf you wish, you can test ittoday, you may start with one bus as time goes on, you increase it.

3.Hotel Business: Lagos is a very busy city and also is the most Largest commercial city in West Africa.

Lagos is full of visitors, range from people who come for business purposes, education, holiday trip, suiting of videos etc.

Many are coming and many going out so those kinds of people most sleep somewhere until the duration of their mission to the city expired. That bring hotel in.

Hotel business is one of the lucrative business in Lagos. It’s a great business opportunity in lagos.

4. Education services: This also a great business opportunity in Lagos. Operating from crèche to university in Lagos is a lucrative business.

Non of education level in Lagos that is not profitable, they all bring in high income.

Nigerian are waking up about education now so what they need is quality education, even tho the school fees is high, they’re ready to pay.

If you can provide a solid educational services This is a great business opportunity for you.

5. Real Estate and property business: In Lagos now real estate and property business is most great business opportunity right now because people are willing to own a house, plot of land etc. But you know what? Many are afraid of 419.

So they believe in company, so that if they make a purchase and issue rise tomorrow, they would hold the company response.

Every people are looking for reliable source to buy their properties from.

Amicably real estate and property business become a hot business opportunity in Lagos.

Examples of real estate and property company in Lagos are: Revolution plus, andro home, pwan home etc.

They are making it, you too can. Let your be on the list when next we want to update this post.


Don’t just save the money in the bank for nothing. They’re using your money to create wealth for themselves, why you owner of the money they would be giving you stipends.

Invest your money for the betterment of your family, community and national at large.

Here’s how to start a business step by steps, read it here. This article explain everything you need to start your business, so you can’t afford to skip it.

And if you need more information and strategies to become a successful business owner then I highly recommend you six-figure mentor.

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Thanks for passing by.

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