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Oh right, oh right here we are, let’s go. Do you want to make money online?, If YES then memberships site is the best option for you.

Memberships site is best opportunity to leverage the tons of money that has been pumping online every minutes.

Nearly everyone online are looking for an information to rectify their problems.

How to create 6 figure memberships site:( Practical Guide) 15

So memberships site is a great opportunity. Memberships site is the most lucrative way to make money online.

It has so many merits and it would never fail you, but only when you have the right information to render to your prospective clients.

I strongly suggest you to create memberships platform now to start making the money because procrastination is an enemy of success.

Memberships site is a longevity source of income. You can’t predict what you could actually earn because the opportunities of memberships site is very wide.

It only up to you, the more creative and helpful your site is the more money you would earn. Most successful top online earners are doing this you why?

Because it is a recurring business. Imagine you have 150 paid members and you are charging at the rate of $55 per month.

Automatically you’re generating $7150 every month. Can you imagine when you have thousands members, you will be making 6-7 figure every months.

The more members you get the more money you will bags. Let’s dive into the real purpose why we’re here.

What you will Learn

  • What is memberships site?
  • Difference between memberships site and forum
  • Who memberships site is suitable for?
  • Time require for creating a memberships site
  • Skills require
  • Reason why you should start memberships site
  • Niche(s)
  • How to create a memberships site
  • Platform
  • Hosting
  • Theme
  • Plugins
  • Landing page
  • Security
  • Choose of payment method
  • Contents
  • How to monetise your memberships site
  • How to promote your memberships site
  • General tips.

Let’s start the lesson one after the other.

What is memberships site?

A memberships site is a private website with high contents only available for the signed up members.

It usually provide members ability to communicate with each other and the admin of the site.

They members paid monthly fees or one time or as you want clients to pay you.

Memberships site is type of website that, it contents can access only by the members of the site.

Memberships site is an educational site in which you will use to educate your clients base on a specific topic/(s).

Difference between memberships site and forum

In case you may be in the same shoe with one of my friend who classified forum as memberships site.

That is why I came up with this point to clear your doubt.

  • Memberships site is a type of site in which search engine can’t index it contents and it always protected from search engines and any body except the members only.
  • While forum is open to everyone to have access to it contents except you can’t write a post until you join the forum. I hope you got it right.

Who memberships site is suitable for?

  • It’s suitable for people who like to interact with others
  • People who like to to guide others
  • People who is enamors to lead a community
  • People who are ready to serve humanity
  • People with tangible service to render to his/her clients
  • People who are willing to impact on other people and ready to give their best out.

If this describe you, one 👊 for you. Then don’t hesitate to start your business.

Time require for creating a memberships site

It’s totally depends on your expertise and knowledge. If you have the right knowledge,

it would take you less than 2hours to setup everything and Start to run your business amicably.

If you don’t have the knowledge yet, don’t bother yourself, you’re not alone. We would do it together step by steps.

Skills/abilities required

  • Ability to create helpful and informative contents
  • In-depth knowledge of a particular topic
  • Capability of research new knowledge to improve your contents.
  • Costumers service
  • Persuade techniques
  • Marketing strategies
  • Ability to create contents regularly

Reason why you should start memberships site

The are tons of reasons why you should start a memberships site or adding one to your current website or blog.

Here are some of the reasons

1. It increase revenue: The merits of a memberships site are massive. It like selling something once and get paid over and over again (getting paid repeatedly, month by month).

How to create 6 figure memberships site:( Practical Guide) 16

And you don’t have to be worry on how to drive traffics every here and there to your site.

Can you imagine having 500 members paying you $55 per month. Automatically you’re making $27500 a month, which is a huge amount of money.

Memberships site is a steady stream of income which is coming every month. Which Every internet earners are dream for and I’m sure you too.

2. No physical products or warehouse require: All memberships site has no physical products rather they provide information as as their products.

And information is free and easy to keep. It doesn’t require you a space to store your products( warehouse).

No shipping fees or neither cost you money to purchase any goods.

3. It build trust and loyalty: Assuming you’re operating a retails shops. A customer bought Goods from you today and he never return again.

While others has been coming every month.

It is hard to build any relationship or trust with the first person but definitely you will know more about the regular one and also build relationships with him.

It exactly to memberships site, when you sell your service one off, you wouldn’t communicate with them anymore, but the monthly

Base one you will build a lot of trust and loyalty with them. It increase your personality in their sight and any where they came across your article, they most stop by.

4. No SEO stuff: No any public site owner that aren’t doing SEO in order for their site to rank higher on search engines.

But the bitter truth is that, SEO is the toughest aspect of managing website. In this, you don’t need to stress yourself or spend your money on SEO tools.

You even don’t need search engines to index any of your contents. To make sure that it’s only accessible by your readers only.

5. A lot of free traffics: Every things about memberships site is a recurring, so even your traffics is recurring as well.

you don’t have to be frenzy about traffics because you subscribers will be returning for more information all the time. They may even inform their friends about your stuff.

memberships site always speak for itself, unless your clients aren’t satisfied with your service.

6. It a recurring business: It is a recurring business which means you will be making money over and over again. Month by month as long as your subscribers long on your website


In blogging world, topic also know as Niche in case it is your first time to hear this.

Do you want to start a profitable memberships site? If YES, what special knowledge do you have to impact on your target audience?

Examine yourself carefully, don’t be scared but you really have to think about it.

That special knowledge you have is your topic, because you have already store the information up there, it remains to offload to people who in need of it and they pay you as an exchange.

I hope you understand what topic is now right?

They are so many memberships site out there, some of them aren’t profitable, you know why? Because some topics are not profitable.

If you choose the right topic which are in high demand then your business will be booming.

Your topic should be something you are good at, so that you can flow well with it.

Now is up to you to choose your right Niche before thinking of creating a memberships site.

If you have one already, Well-done. Let’s start creating your money machine right away.

How to create a memberships site with WordPress for free

If you have a website already, you can add one memberships platform to it for free. And if you don’t have a website running yet.

No problem about it all you need is to get started and remain focus.

To create a memberships site is very simple, every body can do it even you reading this right now, you don’t have to pay some one to do it for you.

All you need is to get started and remain focus. If you have a website running now, your is to add memberships plugin which will turn your site to memberships platform amicably

Our next step now is for those who don’t have website yet or like to start from scratch.

For you to run a successful memberships site, you should take these step below.

Step 1: Platform

The platform means which writing software you want to use to manage your site. Is it? WordPress, Joola etc.

For this tutorial we will consider WordPress because it is easy to use and to me it is the best platform out there.

Step 2: Hosting

Oh my God we have come to the most crucial part of this journey.

Hosting play a big part in any website. one of my website, I hosted on poor server(Hosting company)

it course me and my website to struggle for the whole good 3 months. Can you guess the challenge? Never mind I will tell you so that you can avoid it.

The issue I face with the site as the result of bad Hosting are:

  1. Poor loading
  2. Very complicated to setup
  3. Server error and many other more.

In choosing a Hosting, you have to be extra careful especially a Hosting for memberships site.

You need a very versatile WordPress hosting company because we human beings are all impatience in nature.

No body would wait up to 8 seconds for your website to load and that will cause you to loos customers.

You know money bring money. So you have to invest on a Hosting company like liquid web hosting, it may be a little beat cost but you will be glad as you did. With them you will get free domain name and only pay for hosting.

You can get your Free domain name and Hosting here. And other Hosting company that I can also highly recommend

you is Hostgator, their plan are very affordable but still they are one of the best hosting company out there.

Their plan start from $2.50, check Hostgator here. Both of them are one click installer for WordPress.

Step 3: Theme

Theme simply means they layout of your site. How your website will look like.

WordPress has a lots of theme both free and paid, it is up to you to choose your most favorite one.

Step 4: Plugin

This step is the most important part of this post, so read it carefully. Let’s start to create your memberships site now.

Installing the free memberships site software. They are a lot of software but I only recommend you member pro an S2member plugins.

For the purpose of this lesson we would be consider S2member Plugin.

In your WordPress admin dashboard click Plugin > add new,

How to create 6 figure memberships site:( Practical Guide) 17

in the search section, type S2member and click search. S2member appear click on it to install it on your website.

How to create 6 figure memberships site:( Practical Guide) 18

I have discovered S2member to be the greatest Plugin for Memberships platform and it is the best memberships site software out there.

They offer both free and paid version. The free version is reached enough for the most site owners.

The good news about this Plugin is that, it offers functionalities like payment integration, landing page, and leading payment gateway like PayPal, Google wallet, click Bank etc.

How to create 6 figure memberships site:( Practical Guide) 19

As you have your S2member installed, what remain now is to set it up.

Setting up your memberships site

The first step is to create 2 new page.

Page 1: Subscribe: This would be. Your members option page.

Page 2: member: This is your members page. When you are done with those step above, this are other steps below👇

In your admin dashboard, click the S2member tab, click on general options, you will see screen like this

How to create 6 figure memberships site:( Practical Guide) 20

Now is to work through to configure each of the tabs.

Take Note of the following:

  • Members Login page
  • Security setting (password).
  • Choose the most convenient payment option

How to create 6 figure memberships site:( Practical Guide) 21

  • Create difference groups (S2member free version support 4 group levels).
  • Finally your amount and payment button.

When you are through with all the steps, then you’re done.

What remain now is to keep updating and adding more features as time goes on.

Don’t think be perfect at the beginning, you can improve later so don’t get consume.


Every effective memberships site render or provide exclusive contents to their clients.

As your site is live on online now your is to focus on compiling helpful information.

The more quality your service the more clients will last on your website, even recommend it to their friends.

How to monetise your memberships site:

How to monetise your memberships site is very simple, the more Subscribers you get the more money you will make.

And they are other ways to monetise it as well

  1. Through members Subscription, you can set difference amount for each level. Eg
  • Level 1 Bronze =$30
  • Level 2 silver =$50
  • Level 3 Gold =$70
  • Level 4 platinum =$90

If a client choose any level he most pay before he can have to the contents of that level.

2. Pay post/page

3. Affiliate marketing: your clients has already trust you and regards you as an expat, so any products and services you recommend to them, they would purchase it with speed.

You can stick to this 3 way at the beginning as times goes on you will think of other more ways to monetise your site.

How to promote your memberships site:

Don’t take this step on granted because it plays a major role in your business. You have to promote your knowledge ground to let people know about it.

People most know that business is existing, if not, you can’t make any money. There so many ways you can promote your business.

  1. Tell people about your business and you can do it in three ways.

➡Through word of mouth, tell your friends and families

➡Social media charting. Chart with your social media friends to let them know about your business.

This method work for me very well.

➡Comment on other people’s article related to your own Niche. When commenting recommend your own article too.

2. Social media Adsense ( Facebook ,Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn etc).

3.Pay per click advertising eg like Google AdWords.

4. Activate affiliate program to your memberships site to let others blogger/marketers to promote your business.

5. Blog about it to let people know about it, but always remember to Link back to it so that readers can click to your site.

With those methods above, you will get tons of subscribers, it work for me and it work for others too.

How to turn your first timers to regular members

The most hardest part many site owners face is how to turn their new clients to regular members, that would be willing to pay every months.

The best secret to turn your first timers into regular clients are:

  • Offer a free trial (eg 1 month free trial)
  • Offer free level
  • Offer free article
  • Quality contents and relationship with them by doing follow up.

This is very important because it happen to me. When i first Subscribe to ” I teach you to be reach” my intention is to read the particular article he recommend and go away but

Unfortunately I can’t because the article he sent for me for free of charge is more reach than other articles that I have been paid for.

So immediately I became a regular clients . The ebook make me to be enamors with his blog. Try this, it really work.

General tips

1. In the beginning keep the fee for joining exclusive low

2. You have to join other Memberships site to observe what works and not work for them.

3. You should engage with your clients

4. Dedicated some hours per day to answer members questions

5. Organise regular event to increase members engagement with your memberships site.

6. Try to initiate your clients with new knowledge. But don’t over load them with new intuition, rather step by step.

7. Finally provide good service and warm welcome to your members.

Don’t forget to host your site on quality Hosting company like liquid web hosting or Hostgator. In order for your site to load faster because I’m sure no clients will wait more than 2-3 seconds for site to load.

This post has been long, it because I want you to have a vividly knowledge of memberships site. So that you will not keep on searching every day.

If You have a lot of information to offer, then this would probably be a great opportunity for you to increase your income.

No any online business bring in more income like memberships site.

Why not put this to test?

Hey friends I’m up for a favor, please help me share this post with your friends and family to let them know about it. Thanks for sharing and reading.

Here is my how to start a profitable blog that will make at least $5000 per month, read it you will discover things about blog.

I would be very glad to hear your thoughts about this post. Comment below👇, remember your comments help us to improve. Thanks for passing by.

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