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Any new business owner must need costumers to patronize his/her business to maximize his/her business objectivity.

Are you a new business owner? or are you about to start your business? or you are lacking of costumers to patronise your existing business?. If your answer is YES then this great post is for you. Happy reading.

8 Way to Attract customers to your new business 3

1. Flashing Background: This occur first in the list because it is the first impression to your costumers.

when a costumer come to patronize your business for the first time and peradventure he/she find out that the compound is beautiful,

mostly of then would said wow this place is beautiful, amicably that costumer has already develop interest in your business.

Even tho they see your advert with very beautiful background most people would said this place is beautiful i like to know there.

Background matter a lot in business world, create flashing background to attract more costumers to your business.

2. Lower your price: This sound funny right? this is the best way you can maximise great sales and gather tons of costumers because mostly people in this world like cheaper things that at the same time quality.

If you bought a product at the rate of #500 as whole seller’s price and other are selling it to the final users ( costumers ) at the rate of #1000,

you have to start sell your own from #750 – 800, remember you are still not loosing but thousands of people would surely prefer to buy from you because

if they want to buy like 20 of that products and if the product is selling at #800 automatically the have save #4000. You can do this until you have build trust and high relationship with your costumers.

3. Quality service: Quality service is the process of render service to your clients and costumers in respectful and helpful manner.

This involve on how you welcome in your costumers, method of interaction, Assisting then with heavy items and how you present items them.

Quality costumer service give costumers sense of belonging and leave then with memory of returning to buy from you regularly.

4. Quality products: When you are into business world, the first thing you should consider should be the quality of the products you want to sell to the public.

Because quality products grant your business to sand tall above your competitors and majority of people are after quality products, weather the price is high they wouldn’t care as far as the product satisfy their need.

5. Non-stop advertisement: As a new business or your existing business is lacking of costumers at this point in time your advertisement should be continuing everyday and every time that is possible to do that.

With the availability of social media and blogger everywhere now, you can take you business to any level you want.

Blogger can take your business to the larger audience, remember advertisement is a key tool to drive larger costumer to your business.

6. Entertainment: Many people take this step on grunted but is most relevant because it make costumer feel free. It depends on the type of business you are doing that determine the kind of entertainment you would choose.

It may be food, music, or drinks. In some organisation they do this because they know the reward attached to it. If you are operating restaurant musics is preferable, school should be something difference. likewise to other businesses.

7. compliment gift: The greats way to drive sales like crazy and become popular among your competitors is by given compliment to your costumers.

1. Appreciation: It is intense of greeting, bye bye, have a nice day, good night, my regard to your family etc. This show’s then that you are concerns about then.

Because of that concerns, bet me they would never go any other place to purchase something except you because you have already sold yourself to them.

Try as much as possible to implement all of those steps above, then, i bet you in few weeks your business will surely move to next level.

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