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Control key is one of the special key on the computer keyboard. The ctrl key is used with other keys for variety of other purpose.

Learn how to use control (ctrl) key on your computer keyboard 3

When an individual master how to use this key his work would be very faster than other that did not, because keyboard is the quick way of giving command to the computer.

Things to note on how to use ctrl key

  • you must press the ctrl key and hold it
  • then press the other require key to complete the action.

Here are the list of control (ctrl) you need to know to be more expert than other

Ctrl + A = Auto highlight

Ctrl + B =Bold

Ctrl + C = Copy

Ctrl + D = Dublicate

Ctrl +  E = centralise

Ctrl + F = Find

Ctrl + G = Go to or replace

Ctrl + H = Hypertext

Ctrl + I = Italy

Ctrl + J = justify

Ctrl + K = Hyper links

Ctrl + L = Left alinement

Ctrl + M = Shift

Ctrl + N = New document

Ctrl + O = Open

Ctrl + p = print

Ctrl + R = Right alignment

Ctrl + S = Save

Ctrl + U = Underline

Ctrl + V = Cut

Ctrl + x = Paste

Ctrl + Z = Undo

Ctrl + Shift + p = font size

Basic computer maintenance

when practice it on your keyboard, do not use plus sign, rather you should press the ctrl key and hold, then press the other key to complete the action.


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